10 Things That Are Over Rated

IMG_1348A few years back on the calendar, a new business moved into our small community that had everyone bubbling.
After ten people in one day asked me if I had tried ‘that new bubble tea yet’, I determined to put my curiosity to rest and understand the hype. FullSizeRender
Bubble tea is served with a special straw designed like a garden hose to accommodate golf-ball sized tapioca pearls. I didn’t know that, though, so I very nearly choked to death while still in line to pay for it.
Next to the fact that something in me doesn’t want to be chewing if I am drinking, the taste was:
Was it me? Maybe I’m not cool enough for bubble tea…but I felt it didn’t deserve the chatter it was getting and it had raised the expectations of my experience.
This happens all the time, doesn’t it, though?
Bubble tea.
Here are just ten more things I think we might give more merit than is due:

  1. Matching socks for kids.FullSizeRender
  2. Others’ opinions. An opinion is defined as ‘a personal view, attitude, or appraisal.; a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficiently certain.’ Others could be defined as ‘a human being whose personality, values, and core beliefs about the world have basically been set by the age of 3 who have gone on to experience a whole host of hurt, others’ opinions, and general life themselves who are just broken and trying like every other human on the planet.’ None of this, however, defines who you are.
  3. Playing it safe. Maybe we could make it out of this thing without leaving any skin behind. What’s the fun in that? Justice is dangerous. So are dreams, taking up for someone else, or confessing our real struggle. Come to think of it: so is love like Jesus calls us to.
  4. An immaculate house. So your house is perfect. Now what? We all know when the house is clean there is a higher probability of Mama Bear sightings because she wants things to stay that way. We’re better off rewashing that load of laundry for the 3rd time, leaving the dishes in the sink, and going for a bike ride with the kids.
  5. Social Media. Nothing against any one of the 941 ways to connect online (by the time I figure out what ‘periscoping’ is everyone will be back up on dry land). But it’s easy to create even accidentally unrealistic expectations of what is really happening in our offline lives. As a general rule, take what you see on Facebook, throw in your For Real life with a just a dash of irritable bowel syndrome and a load of morning breath, add in a pinch of a toddler tantrum and toilet paper stuck on your shoe, shake all that up with the same fears and dreams we all carry and there you have it: we are all just doing our best, making sure there’s no pepper in our teeth, and taking the best selfie we can.
  6. The Perfect Comeback. Everybody claims to want this thing that comes 4 hours after the opportunity to really jab it home has passed. Trust the person that has 10 Perfect Comebacks in her arsenal ready at all times: regret always tastes worse than biting your tongue.
  7. The Perfect Body. I’m not saying if someone didn’t grant me a perfect body for free on the spot I wouldn’t take it. I just think, realistically, no one is ever going to do that and I’m too busy enjoying life with good pleasures, key lime pie and long walks in the sunshine. Give me skin that does what skin does, a heart that embraces imperfection with joy (plus all the time I save by not living at the gym) and the life that goes with it over two lonely thighs that never have a chance of meeting in the middle any day.
  8. The Other Side of the Fence. It happens to all of us, doesn’t it? We look over there and let out a long, low whistle. Green, luscious…that expensive St. Augustine grass, too. And not a weed in sight. There are 2 things to remember when this happens: 1) We don’t know anything about that grass. Maybe your neighbor’s out there 24/7 and their thumbs are stained green because that yard is their life. Maybe they pay someone to take care of it. Maybe it’s really just a fake turf. 2) You have your own grass to take care of (and it’s wilting while you’re standing there staring across the fence).
  9. Kale. I love kale. I just don’t like its superior attitude the last couple of years or that it pretends to be a chip if you bake it. #vegequality
  10. Happiness. Happiness is great, isn’t it? It’s just so….dependent on circumstances and stuff. Instead? My hope is that you have a deep and abiding joy, Friends.

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  1. Holly @ While I'm Waiting... | 23rd Feb 16

    Just what I needed to start my day! You rock, friend. Know what else is over-rated? Long distance friendships! 🙂 I need to see your face! Missing you!

  2. Meg | 23rd Feb 16

    I just adore you

  3. Mo Aiken | 23rd Feb 16

    Now this one…this one is goooood. You are funny and fresh and wise and ridiculous all in the same breath. Great writing, my friend!

  4. Kim | 23rd Feb 16

    No seriously…my neighbor REALLY does have the perfect yard! (I can send a pic.) But he also weed eats at 3am!!! ? AM!!! No lie! Who needs that?!? ?
    And yeah, bubble tea…I don’t get that one either. (Now if you say Dairy Queen Mississippi Mud Blizzard, I’m your girl! ?)

  5. erika | 23rd Feb 16

    bubble tea is nasty, man. It’s been big here for a long time (due to our proximity to certain other countries) and I just don’t get it.

    Also overrated:
    – pop culture. I watched one of the awards shoes and knew NO ONE. Like where was Reese Witherspoon and Julia Roberts?

    – the latest TV show. I’m sorry I’m still watching reruns of Friends. I don’t have the mental capacity for anything else.

    – healthy remedies. I am fighting the worst cold ever and I’m sorry, nothing can do me right like DayQuil can when my plate is full. Please stop trying to get me to try anything else.

    – washing your hair daily. Dontcha know it’s better to let your hair do it’s thang… for like, um, 5 days?

    Your list was great. Love to you.

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