2016 All the Things Gift Guide


Merry Christmas from the Blairs, Mon


Because I love you and I want you to win Christmas, I’ve come up with a list of things you never knew you always needed to give the humans you love in your life. Some of these gifts are tried and true favorites and I wouldn’t part with them for a baby unicorn.
Many of these gifts give in two ways:
1) they serve in making you look like a gift boss
2) their purchase employs or benefits people in breaking the cycle of poverty
We all know Christmas is about Jesus but there is also nothing wrong with shining a little bit this year in the gift-giving department.
Help me help you own it:
Go ahead.
Give Good.
Stay tuned all the way to the end? There’ll be a chance to win a really fun giveaway for your person.

Hey. You should probably know I’m not getting paid one red cent for any of these personal endorsements (but I’m not saying I wouldn’t cash a check if someone wanted to throw a little something my way).

1. Navy Tribal Geo Transport Tote, Toms, $58
With every bag you purchase, TOMS will help provide a safe birth for a mother and baby in need. One for One®

What’s blue and white and cute all over?

This bag right here.
Maybe the best part?
Everyone knows the perfect bag never comes in the wrong size.

Sign up for emails for an instant 10% off your purchase at toms.com

2. Personalized Yeti Cup, Kapp Studio, price varies

I’ve danced with my fair share of insulated cups made out of everything from glass to metal to moon rocks, and Yeti is by far and vacuum-sealed a Blair favorite for my hubs and me.
My son was always casting jealous sidelong glances at our adult sippy cups or asking to borrow mine and because no, I knew exactly what we would get him for his fourteenth birthday.
When lifelong Texans with salsa running through their veins move to Arkansas, there is only one way to design a Yeti for the boy pining for his Lone Star state:


Kapp Studio was quick and awesome and small-time-feels run by a human named Patti who is sweet and friendly.
The quickest way to reach Kapp Studio is by email: kappstudio@icloud.com or browse their yummy inventory at mykappstudio.com

3. Introverting coffee mug, PaperBerryPress on Etsy, $15.95

For the ones who find peopling sometimes hard but never coffee.
Order one for the introvert in your life at PaperBerryPress.com  This was kind of a thing in my last All the Things post so I’m including this in the giveaway! See below for details.

5. Mamuye Leather Tote, Live FashionAble, $178
($10 off for signing up for emails)
After I got a job at a local magazine making my ‘own’ money, this was my first Big Girl purchase. It took me months to commit because it felt a bit extravagant with that price tag. But it also felt important to me because I was investing in my writing life and needed a swagalicious travel bag for my computer and I was also investing in a real person named Mamuye and all the other women who come after her in making it.
It’s soft as butter and just as delicious.
And now I use it for all the things.
Like me, it just keeps getting beat up and better with age.


Order this tote in five luscious colors at livefashionable.com
Learn how your purchase impacts women overcoming poverty here.

6. Skoooch, Marky Sparky (Amazon), $99.95
Longest running, favorite, most-used, best toy ever with all three kids amen. The best part? They have to be outside to use it AND it’s good old-fashioned foot powered.
(The California Chariot version is for kids 6+)

7. Fearless, The Story of Adam Brown by Eric Blehm, around $10


This could be a stocking stuffer (but it might set it on fire).
It also has the ability to stand big and tall all by its bad self.
My boys and I have read this multiple times and we always will. You can read my extended review here. (You’re going to need a copy for yourself, too, by the way.)
Link here to order Fearless on Amazon.
8. Personalized Family Art, Uncommon Goods, $75-$125

Whimsical and fun, this is a gift from those who like to think outside the bun or make your mama cry or be her favorite.


While you can’t really choose your family, you can certainly have a little fun customizing them:


Order one for the people in your life at uncommongoods.com

9. Chatbooks, $8

I’m awful at pictures. Just ask my third kid who wonders aloud often what she looked like as a baby while eyeing the actual printed out pictures of the firstborn.
This one is so easy I can do it.
You take your finger and touch pictures located on Facebook, Instagram, your phone and send them somewhere into Chatbook space and they get printed up in a cute bound book.
What took you fifteen minutes will get you eternal glory with grandparents, new parents, or your husband’s Work Brag Book with your face featured prominently on the cover.
Download the app on your phone or visit chatbooks.com and win Christmas.

10. Courageous Pendant necklace, Lovishly, $27
$5 of every purchase goes directly back to the community
*free shipping now with code GIVING


I got one of these for an adulting newbie that’s being launched out into the world and into college next year. I also got one for myself because I’m trying new, hard things and I needed the reminder that comes in a super-cute form. I bet you don’t have to think far about some woman you know that is brave. Why don’t you let her know you see what she’s doing? And also that you have great taste in jewelry? Order one now at Lovishly.com
11. You’re Already Amazing by Holley Gerth


Could we talk about my girl Holley for just a minute? After we moved to Northwest Arkansas this year, I was kind of sad and lonely for friends and not really fit for human consumption for a very long time. One of the things that helped bring my wilted self back to life was regular coffee with this one. It is quite a humbling, beautiful, life-breathing gift for someone to clear space and pull out a chair and make room at their table for you.
That’s how she writes, too.
And guess what?!
I’m hog-squealing to tell you (that’s what happens in Arkansas) that the second part of the giveaway is this book with a personalized inscription for your person from Holley! Scroll to the end to enter for your mama, your wife, or your wife’s mama. Go ahead and enter but still order right  here.
12. Noonday

Lookit. I probably have more Noonday pieces than I have gray hairs and that’s saying quite a bit. I love what they do. I love how it changes the world.
And also weighing heavily?
It’s not wrong to say it’s just all so dang cute.

I have a little bit of everything from scarves to jewelry to wooden trays I use only on days that end in Y.
Noonday sounding right?
Might I be helpful and recommend two of the very best sisterfriends I have in life?

Wynne Elder and Allison Phillips are just waiting in the wings to assist your wise decision.
13. How Do I Love Thee? From A to Z, Uncommon Goods, $20


I don’t care who you are: words of affirmation are everyone’s love language and being seen and known is a true gift. I love this because it is personal, feeds you the cues because the brain can be tired and comes in a stinkin-cute, neat and orderly form I didn’t homemake with my own glue-covered thumbs. I’m just telling you, Men: this one right here is major, double-dog bonus points so you can go ahead and get confident and wrap it up with some mistletoe.
You’re welcome.

Go ahead: hero status here. 
14. Kantha Baby Quilt, Connected Goods, $60

This is my favorite go-to gift for the special babes in my life. It’s a unique, heirloom-ish, made for real life binky and it’s fair-trade made from recycled Indian saris and is as soft as the baby butts it will carry for years.
Here is an actual quote from one mama I gifted:
‘This baby quilt has been our favorite ever in the world and you’re so hot.’

I made up that last part but honest on the first.
Hit up connectedgoods.com and sign up for their email list to get 10% off your purchase immediately.

15. Puppy, price varies
Just sayin…this one is always popular. Read here if you need a push off the fence. You’re welcome, children everywhere.


Now for the fun giveaway part! Comment here or on Facebook and I will enter your name once. Share and tag someone and I’ll add you to the kitty twice.
Merry Christmas, Friends.


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  1. Eliza | 7th Dec 16

    I’d really rather win coffee with you, but I’ll go ahead and enter the race for the goodies!!

    Hope you’re well, my friend. We’ll be up in NW Arkansas in a couple of weeks — I’ll let you know when exactly once the plans nail down. Hoping to catch up at least a bit; it would kick off my Christmas break in a wonderful way!

    Have a fantastic day!

  2. Mary | 7th Dec 16

    Love all of your choices, but especially the mug. And the dog. ❤️

  3. Alicia Thompson | 7th Dec 16

    Great list! Definitely need to get that navy seal book for the hubby. I saw the scooch in a neighborhood and had no idea what it was called, but it was so neat…now you have me rethinking Christmas!

  4. Shannon | 7th Dec 16

    I enjoyed read reading this!

  5. Jenna | 7th Dec 16

    I love reading your words of wisdom. Thank you for the opportunity to win a prize.

  6. Brandi Burrow | 7th Dec 16

    We were just talking about Gavin the other day! Hope he is loving his new school.

  7. Meagan | 7th Dec 16

    Those baby quilts are the absolute best, even after you wash them and they no longer smell like patchouli, and you are SO hot! haha!!!
    Also, that bag looks like butta’ and I think I am going to stick one of your book suggestions in my own stocking.

  8. Jamie | 7th Dec 16

    Love this!!! And all the things!! And you, you hot mama!!!

  9. Holly | 7th Dec 16

    So many fabulous finds but I knew it was meant to be when you listed the FashionABLE bag! I have it and LOVE it!!! Great finds, friend! But, know what I would LOVE for Christmas?! To see YOU!!!

  10. Honesty | 7th Dec 16

    You are so stinkin’ cute! I ordered the Navy Seal book for the hubs already and going back up to order a couple more things. Thanks for the tips and making us smile 🙂

  11. Sarah Dean | 7th Dec 16

    Love the mug! I have to get Dalan one! Enjoyed your gift ideas.

  12. Jenny Marrs | 8th Dec 16

    I’m waiting for a coffee date!:) ASAP. (And, this list? Perfection!)

  13. Kelli Alamond | 9th Dec 16

    Love it all & love you! And I figure my odds here are way better than the lottery…especially since I didn’t buy a ticket 😉

  14. D'Ann Colley | 12th Dec 16

    Your writing is fabulous! Glad I found your blog & I might try some of these gifts as well!

    • Melissa Blair | 21st Feb 17

      D’Ann…thank you so so much. If it’s not wrong to say, I’m so glad you found my blog too! You’ve made my day today. Love hearing from you.

  15. Tasha Johnson | 20th Dec 16

    A fabulous list of gifts. But you forgot one – time with the fun Blair family, anywhere! Merry Christmas!

  16. Patti | 16th Feb 17

    We just stumbled upon your blog this evening. I remember talking to you about Gavin’s tumbler. Thank you so very much for your kind words. And I LOVE your taste – checking out a few of your recommendations as soon as I hit send.and join your mailing list. 🙂

    • Melissa Blair | 21st Feb 17

      PATTI! Yay! I’m so glad to hear from you. Thank you so much for your kind words. You’ve got a fan in me for sure. My girls are almost Yeti age so I’ll be in touch soon 😉 Have a great day and thank you for making mine.

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