3 Things We Should Give Just a Hot Minute


‘I heard perms are coming back.’ The gal cutting my hair and I had been talking through the mirror at each other but I turned to face her now, ‘You have to tell me right now: is that real truth?’
She pressed her lips as if holding back her words would be enough to stop the wave of terror only the generation whose hair had survived the first perms on purpose could understand, ‘I’m afraid so.’ Pulling small sections of my hair this way and that, she eyed my roots like I had just passed gas rather loudly in her chair and continued, ‘I mean seriously, People: could we just give it a hot minute?’
I giggled and agreed but we both shuddered as the ghost of a memory’s smell like rotten eggs dipped in AquaNet floated between the two of us.
On the drive home, I absentmindedly smoothed my hair a little closer to my actual scalp and folded her words over like brownie batter in my mind.
Lately it sure feels like everyone is as tightly wound as strands wrapped around a plastic corkscrew rod.
Between real clowns making actual bids for the White House to bathrooms in Target to what everyone swears Jesus really meant, we have all acquired paper-thin nerves and every word is a sharp knife.


My sister, upon her first kidney stone’s rite of passage, told me she would rather give birth than go through that ever again. It seems like it doesn’t take much to unleash a whiplash of back and forth like a game of volleyball with rocks and logging on to social media sometimes has me begging for some ice chips and an epidural.
Thoughts can be a bit like underwear every now and again, eh?
Could we just give some things a hot minute before we hang ours out to dry in the front yard?
If they’re still sitting with you in the morning and you haven’t been drinking, we will check in with you before we even get out of our own beds. Promise.
But I usually find that much like time and kidney stones:
this too shall pass.
So will these three things:
1. The election. If I know one thing, it’s how you add cream to scrambled eggs to make them extra fluffy. But that’s just a point sitting right beside this one: I can’t think of a single time that anyone I’ve ever known has switched political affiliations or changed their vote based on someone’s Facebook post. There is no one left in our world who doesn’t know about the clowns’ combovers, tax evasions, obvious-to-a-4-year-old illegal email activity, and apparent deals with the real devil to get as far as they have. I’ve personally been intrigued and enjoyed reading thoughtfully worded, intelligent articles that provoke deeper and real conversation this election as we try and figure out exactly how hell froze. But the mud slinging this year is worse than the girls bathroom in high school around prom and break up season. I do feel this is the best time to admit I’ve full-on belly-laughed at some hilarious memes and refreshed my bucket of popcorn for a string of texts received of screenshots of Cousin Billy’s ranting post gone horribly bad. But if we’re just needing to get something off our chest? It might be less painful to just have it waxed.


2. Perms. Remember the conversation above? And if that’s not helpful, this should be burned in your memory for, like, ever:

3. Feelings. I know a thing or two about big feels: I’m an Irish-Indian INFJ. Most thoughts in my head or heart seem to find a way of escaping to march right across my face and sit on my sleeve. Every now and again my eyes get narrowed in on this big, noisy place and my heart starts skidding out like a horse in a grocery store. It gets hard to see what’s real with so much world in my eyes and I began to leak my feelings out on my circumstances or my self…and anyone sitting next to me.
It can be a mess if I don’t check it with Truth.
Now I don’t know anything about Pierre Teilhard de Chardin except that he said something that clangs a bell so loudly in my heart it clears out everything but a healing silence and understanding:
We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.
In the clear light of this, the spinning is no small wonder, is it?
The feels put us on the map for sure…but Truth is the only thing that gives us real direction every time (Proverbs 30:5).

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  1. Gwen | 7th Oct 16

    A few comments to your talking points, Melissa…

    #1. Right?! #sendintheclowns
    #2. No. Just, no.
    #3. Always TRUTH. Amen.

    Great post. Made me smile. Your brain is whimsically beautiful… #truth


    • Melissa Blair | 10th Oct 16

      Gwen! I treasure reading each comment but savoring this one for two things:
      1) you
      2) your sweet wonderful words
      Just when I think I might really be cuckoo (for posting a picture of my perm for just one), your description of my brain made my heart delight (that’s the real word I would use). Thank you for this.
      Hope to see you somewhere (and singing!) soon, friend.

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