A Mad Woman’s Prayer for her girlfriends

Good morning, God,
Wow. Thank You for the sunrise. Do you think those up every day or are they just lined up in some queue You created for forever? Since it feels like a special Hello just for me, I think you make me a fresh one every morning. Thank you for being so generous and full of thought about what brings me joy that you bring me gifts every day.
May I always see and receive them.
Again, I just want to say: thank You for making the coffee bean.
Thank You.
Lord. I am aware that You know me full well.
So it’s not my red ears, splotchy neck or my muttering through full-on clenched teeth as I roughly make the bed and clean the clean countertops in the kitchen that give away my anger.
You see my heart and you hear the roar in my spirit, Lord, so You know that I am almost angrier than I’ve ever been (and saying that during this particular election year is quite a confession).
Lord, this week.
This week alone I have had well-deep conversations with my closest about despair, addiction, sickness, worry, jealousy, fear and anxiety, comparison and shame.
Women I love are being tossed around by the waves of this life. Anchored? Yes. But also certainly bruised and gasping for air and in desperate need of a bit of soul-rest.
They are wrestling out Purpose, fighting for joy, digging for beauty, white-knuckling peace, battling for marriages and the lives of their children in this world. They are being pulled under by momentary waves of doubt and clawing at the surface for the breath of life that only hope can give.
They are gagging on lies they are being fed all day…but at night when it gets quiet and because our enemy can only cower and whisper from the dark?
The lies try and sneak her breath like two hands around her neck.
Women are feeling bound up, Lord. Slaves to secret struggles, shame from the past, and living in real fear of what the ones who love her think of her…Co-owners with You of a thousand acres on a thousand hills, finding the nearest tree and tying a loose rope to her ankle so she can only go so far in freedom: she is hiding her truest self from others from fear of how she may be received in a family who claims its only bond is a birthright none of us deserve (Romans 3:10) and yet we all get every bit of (John 5:24).

There is a weariness lately in my sisters that doesn’t just settle around her eyes and across her shoulders, Lord. It’s one buried deep in the bones.
I know You see her.
Our enemy is like a pig who knows it’s on the way to slaughter: all he can do is squeal his lies as fast as he can spit them out.
Because he is the father of lies?
He cannot stand in the presence of Truth.
Lord, You got good True words.
So I am going to offer Yours back to You regarding my dearest. I apologize for the fierce tone but You know I struggle with this, too, and I get so tired and now I am just chin-quivering mad.
Lord, today You meet us in the middle of a mess (Genesis 3)…a mess is the place where find ourselves most often and that is where all of life is lived and will you help us just stop apologizing for it and move on to the grace part? Because this is where You, and the truest version of our selves, are found. Let us stop shooing away the parts of us we don’t like or that we think You can’t handle. Doing this or reliving wrong over and over is just like saying, ‘God, You covered everything but this.’
You got it all, God. (1 Peter 2:24) Every last bit of all of it and that includes tomorrow. (We seem always surprised that we muck things up tomorrow.)
I pray today we don’t operate from a mode of scarcity but give away by the heaping arms-full of love, forgiveness, grace, faith and You…because these things never run out. (1 Timothy 1:14). This should cover comparison, jealousy, fear about our own race you’ve given us to run while allowing us to be abundantly generous with our people, resources, and selves to every person our eyes rest upon.
When we are tired, Lord? May we be brave and humble ourselves enough to just sit down….that we allow You to tend our aching feet and bruised heart….for You long to do this sweet thing for us (Ezekiel 34:12-16)
I pray we, For Pete’s sake, Lord, once-and-for-stinkin-all sever our own chains of people-pleasing, our pasts, and any stink of pride in order to allow us to walk, skip, and hip-hop dance confidently in the spacious freedom we already own every second of forever. May we understand that when we live freedom…it invites others to do the same. I pray we never forget You have plans for the desires and burdens You have put in our hearts and that we are always in the right time to reflect You…because that is the real Purpose in any season we are in. (Ephesians 2:10)
Make us God-strong and foolishly courageous and let faith, not fear, be our guide. Remind us to give You room to prove Yourself faithful.
Mostly? I pray that we feel loved as You love us…(1 John 4:16) and that that is enough for today.
I pray for men that have a mother, a sister, a wife, a daughter…that they would take up these words, or Your words similar…and go to battle for the women in their lives. Since a woman is the heart of her home, it’s just the same as praying for healing in their own bodies.
One last thing?
You made us to be warriors.
May we always fight with Your truth and, please, Lord, may this be the resting face of our biggest, strongest, boldest prayers as sisters:


Repeat tomorrow?
Let it be so.


And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force. -Matthew 11:12 

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  1. Holly | 1st Mar 16

    Thank you.

  2. Jamie S. Harper | 1st Mar 16

    This is so good, and I just receive it cause I need it. ❤️ Thank you!

  3. Michelle | 1st Mar 16

    Our family verse for the week:

    Jude 24-25

    Lord, you are able to keep me from stumbling. You will present me blameless in Your presence. It is upon this hope I cast myself and acknowledge Your authority, power and majesty. To You be all the glory and honor. It is for these things – for Your honor and glory – that I ask Your mighty hand to bring about victory in my life.

  4. Blanca | 1st Mar 16

    Thank you ! Thank you ! Feeling so many things of what you mentioned ! We are a sisterhood together we are better ! May he bless you more richly than he ever has !

  5. Amy Barclay | 2nd Mar 16

    I love you.

  6. Sharon Klos | 2nd Mar 16

    Powerful! Amen!

  7. Wendy | 3rd Mar 16

    This was the most powerful all encompassing plea I’ve ever prayed. Thank you. And I stand in agreement with all who prays this with all their heart!

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