I have aways loved to put my hands right inside the earth.

I like to work with it, fight with it, make up again and then try to convince it to give forth some life.

In exchange for my effort, I get the front-row seat to a miracle full of wonder.

When I watch things grow?

It seems I am able catch sight of the heart of a right-smart Maker.

Words are like that to me, too.

I might shape a few to try and brush through knots of confusion when my heart gets tangly…or even to reveal a little humor in this life. Words are the song God was humming when He put me together.

Just like the earth I love to play in, I tend to dig for beauty in the plain moments and I may find everyday holy in my child’s hard school morning or down deep in a sink full of day-old dirty dishes.

Digging for treasures, dusting them off and holding them up to the light reminds me to call and receive them for what they are:
good gifts.

Speaking of good gifts:



These are mine.

My heart beats both tender-soft and fierce-as-fire for family and I feel my good fight is found here.

For my own little family…and also for yours just the same.

My wandering heart finds home again and again dating my husband, writing my kids letters, and wrestling for the joy of each day. 

I very much prefer just jumping straight into the deep end with a person.

Like you.

You are my people, too.

In some ways, perhaps my words in this space are just notes of gratitude to a good Father.

In other ways, it’s a place my heart hopes we can gather and talk about all the things.

Lighten your load and stay for a bit?

You are much-welcomed and I am so thankful you are here.



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