All the Mama Things


Just a few little things that…
lighten my load
make me laugh
stir my heart
make me think
bring me joy….

I think your mama might like them, too. 

*For all the physical and every spiritual mama everywhere*

(Giveaways marked with an * and guidelines somewhere near the end.)


Iron, Target $34.99

Just kidding.
Don’t even think about it, man.

Studio Ink Sloth card, Hallmark, $2.99
When I get really good and tickled at something, the initial sound I make sounds something like a cross between a shotgun blast and a long donkey bray followed by a short, high one. That’s what my kids say anyway. Then comes the wheezing and tears and more braying.
It’s actually ridiculous.
The first time I saw this card at Walgreens, it caught me off guard and I had my weird fit in the aisle. I couldn’t stop laughing even while I was checking out (I bought up all they had). The confusion and pity for me from the checker outer only made it worse. Since then, I buy one every time I go. And I giggle every time.

On the inside it says: You better slow your awesome down (you can write in ‘Mama’ yourself).
If you click on the link above, you’ll have the option to send it directly from Hallmark to her house with a personal note.

Discovery Fragrance Set, Le Labo, $30
I’ve been looking for the perfect perfume ever since my first pregnancy broke my booger box (that’s what my kids call it) for the one I used to love.
That was sixteen years ago.
This nose candy from Le Labo is as close as I’ve come to a new commitment. With five sample scents you can pick one if you want to get married to it but you don’t have to put a down payment on something that gives you a headache every time you look at the bottle. I like Le Labo because the scents are clean, their emails are infrequent and their marketing is sassy.

*Hammered Stacking Rings, ABLE, $15

My wedding ring has not only been my statement ring piece for the last eighteen years, it’s been my only piece. I’m just not a big ring gal. Until February when I snatched these dainty hammered stacking rings up and I haven’t taken ’em off since. ABLE is one of my fair trade jams and every single product is handmade by women who have overcome. Marisa said she would give any one of my tens of readers who wins the giveaway a FREE SET delivered directly to you and if you sign up for emails, you get $10 off your first order (because what your mama really wants is the Mamayu tote). Look at you. You’re changing lives already.



*First Ask Why, by Shelly Wildman, $12.35 (signed copy!)

Back towards the end of last year, I called my friend Shelly to ask her for some mama advice because teens are new pasture for me, y’all. We have a bunch of crazy horses that live in the field next door and there’s one calming goat that stays with them to keep them settled and focused.

Meet Shelly. 

She not only convinced me to come down from the ledge, she  made me feel confident and capable and encouraged again by the time we got off the phone. She parents with intention, she talks like my best girlfriend, and she’s down to earth and real (my favorite combo).

AND NOW GUESS WHAT: she can do the same for you. Her first book launched into space a week and a half ago and it’s already bent and folded and highlighted. Shelly speaks straight, simple wisdom to my heart and her focusing reminds me of my calling for my first and best ministry: to aim for my kids’ hearts (why) and not just manage behavior that gets on my human nerves. Shelly’s going to sign a copy for us (maybe 2 or 3). But don’t wait for that one, Amazon keeps running out of her books so snatch up one today anyway.

Woven Dreams Bracelet, Noonday, $54

I know I know: $54 is kind of a splurge, but I can give you 3 reasons this one is worth it:
1) Noonday is a fair trade company and this was made with dignity by someone’s hands.
2) People will stop the mama in your life in the street to ask her where she got this bracelet and it will make her feel happy to be both helpful and attractive and if she feels good then it will go well with you.
3) Every time she wears it, she will remember how thoughtful you are.

My friend Nellie is a Noonday AmBOSSador and she will hook you up just like a tow truck. You should probably get one for yourself too. When you purchase one of these, your name will go into a drawing for some more FREE Noonday swag (trust me: you’re gonna want to see the Plumage Necklace below).


See what I did there?

Adopt a Teen Mom Beaded Macrame Bracelet, Noonday, any amount

My friend Nellie from Noonday has the heart that sees the teen mamas in our community that are often overlooked and forgotten. She is looking for 11 sponsors to purchase the bracelet below and writing letters to each to let them know these babies, and their babies, are seen and loved and valuable to us. Any amount would be amazing (and $32 covers everything) and you’ll be double entered for a special Noonday giveaway. It would be pretty sweet way to honor the mama in your life.





Who wore it best? Be honest.

What I Love About Mom by me, Uncommon Goods, $10

When my kids were in preschool, they would always fill out a questionnaire as part of their gift for any Mother’s or Father’s Day. These are some of my favorite real answers they gave:
My mom is __________ years old. (56)
My mom’s favorite TV show is ________________ . (The Bachelor)
My dad ______________ for a living. (sells drugs)
This book from Uncommon Goods is even better because it’s bound so it can stay on the coffee table so when the in-laws come to visit they can get to know the real Mom behind the FB updates (My mom’s favorite thing to do is _________ (take naps all day).)
I think it would also be a wonderfully thoughtful gift for a spouse to fill it our for the mama in their lives (What I Love About You by me) or for a grown-up kid to send to Mom.

Pari camel suede envelope clutch, Joyn, $26.99 (HURRY! IT’S ON SALE! regularly $60)
Nothing says Ain’t No Goldfish Up in Here like this sexy little number.

It’s my go-to for GNO or Date Night because it goes with everything and makes my cheap lipstick look fancy. Trust me: mama likey.
Why are you still reading this?! GogoGO!
And if you sign up for emails, you’ll get 15% off your order.

Fair Trade Friday Club, Mercy House Global, price varies ($12.99 to $32.99 per month)

Most people celebrate Christmas just once a year but that’s only because they don’t know they can have it once a month. You can choose from the bracelet, ring or full box club for the month. I keep things for myself because I have little self control (like the handmade kimono I got in my April box that I wear only on the days that end in Y) but I also keep a stash of gifts for birthdays and just ’causes.

Change the world. Look good doing it.

Check out the goodies from last month:


Get it, Girl coffee mug, Etsy, $14.95
When I gaze into the bottom of my brown dreams first thing in the morning, this fun mug reminds me the end of the sky is my only limit.
As long as I don’t run out of coffee.
Also my dog does a weird dance when we say ‘Get it, Girl’ so we say it all the time and I just pretend everyone is rooting for me.


Giveaway guidelines: (the only way I know you entered is if I see your name, yo–so if you share, please tag me.)

For 1 entry for any of the giveaways (except Noonday–see below), comment on the social medias or on the blog.  

For 2 entries, comment and tag a friend. 

For 3 entries, share the love on your social media.

For Noonday giveaway, one purchase of the Woven Dreams Bracelet gets you in the kitty. For sponsoring a Teen Mama, you get two times love. 

Thank you for reading, sweet friends.

You probably need to know I don’t get paid for loving any of these things, but if you want to send me some money tucked inside a funny sloth card: I sure won’t be mad about that.



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  1. Melissa Barnett | 3rd May 18

    Loved reading this! Can relate with everything you write!

  2. Kitty Dulgar | 3rd May 18

    Great read! Cute things and honest truth about teens!

  3. Shelly Wildman | 3rd May 18

    You are just the BEST! I love you and we’d definitely be besties if you lived closer. 🙂 Also, that “Things I Love About Mom” book? My youngest just gave that to me for my birthday two weeks ago. I absolutely LOVE IT! I may have shed a tear or two as I read through it. Such a thoughtful gift.

  4. Shelly Wildman | 3rd May 18

    Oh, and P.S. I actually own that same iron!! 🙂

  5. Laura Choy | 3rd May 18

    You wore it best OBVS!!! And that Nellie girl! Well, if she’s your friend, you’ve got it made!!!

  6. Eliza Tuttlebee | 10th May 18

    Love you, sweet friend. Looking forward to a coffee together soon.

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