All the Things: June


My girls set this photo up all by themselves. If this doesn’t speak June to you, then you’re just being mean.


Just a few little things that…
lighten my load
make me laugh
stir my heart
make me think
bring me joy….
I think you might like them, too.
The Gilmores, Engage the Crisis

These people. I can’t. No words. Love. TOO MUCH.
All of that is the truth.
I really do not have enough space in the blogosphere to capture my thoughts about the Gilmores. BUT if I had to sum it up quickly I would say that if there is space in my life to talk with someone daily (we near-do), or if I needed to start up a church anywhere in the world, or if I needed to witness literal God-miracles falling from the sky and landing in the wide-open hands of the ones beautifully broken and brave enough to believe:
these people.

What exactly are they doing this time? They are headed to Berlin next week.

‘The current refugee crisis in the Middle East & Europe has been declared the largest humanitarian crisis since World War II. Millions have been displaced, fleeing for their lives to any place that will take them, but what the enemy intended for evil with violence, terror and war, God is using for good.

We have the opportunity this summer to minister the “two-handed Gospel” of Jesus, caring for refugees who have fled to Europe and sharing the message of Jesus in a personal way. The Church has an opportunity to define how this historic crisis is spoken about in future generations!

We want to be people who respond in obedience in this unprecedented hour. God is moving, and we are going!’

How do you fit in here?
They are taking a team in 5 days and still believing God will provide for their trip. I got these beautiful prints to ‘help’ them out (so why did it feel like I was helping myself??).


Want brave reminders for you or a friend? Get one or all by clicking here and to find out more.
I will put you in a drawing to buy and ship a print of your choice if you leave a comment on this blog or Facebook in the next 24 hours. But please don’t let that stop you from getting one anyway—I’ll ship one to your friend if you win.
Sara also keeps a deep, sharp blog at Wonder/Wandering.
Keep your eye on these two.
Plus, good grief, aren’t they stinkin cute?!
Looking For Lovely (for teens) by Annie Downs


Recently, my middlest girl (11) and I started a summer Bible study for the girls in our new neighborhood. Middle school girls can be awkward: I know because I’m still one in many ways. But Annie makes it easy to sit with awkward because she’s like that friend that will make two girls sitting close together skootch over and plop right in between them. Then she’ll weave stories, questions, and fears from her own life in real ways that make you want to open up, too. And young girls understanding how to be vulnerable and brave while learning how to develop strong character (the study is based on Romans 5:3-5) is just about enough to make this middle-aged, middle school girl cry.
I can’t think of anything that would make the generation coming up more powerful than having eyes trained in Looking For Lovely.

pssssst: Annie also wrote a big girls version of Looking for Lovely
Sole Hope Shoe Parties


Remember that time I found out about Sole Hope and it wrecked my life somethin’ beautiful and I had a shoe party and then went to Uganda and really got messed up in all the ways we can be the hands and feet of Jesus to others? While you may not be able to hop over to Jinja this summer, you and your kiddos at home (‘hood, church, gang, whatever), can take those old jeans you know are too tight probably forever and cut shoes out of them.
How/why/how on earth would you cut a pair of shoes out of a pair of jeans??!!
I’m glad you asked.
Shoes are luxury items for many children in Uganda.

FullSizeRenderThere is a parasite that lives in the dirt that burrows into their feet that is extremely painful, can cause infection, and in severe cases, crippling and even death. Know what simple thing prevents this?
Know what many families can’t afford in Uganda?
That’s where we come in with our too-tight, too-many jeans. We cut the pattern for the shoes out, they are sent to Uganda where a worker like Zeus is paid fair wages for turning the jeans into shoes (and the soles of these shoes are made out of recycled tire rubber!).

It’s special magic all the way around.
Plus, you know it’s too hot right now to be outside from 1 to 4 so you may as well host a shoe party.
Look at you, World Changer.
Click here to find out more about Sole Hope or to get your kit for your awesome shoe party.
Radio Lab Podcast

The hubs recently enjoyed 18 hours in his truck round trip across mostly Texas by himself. Before he left, I showed him how to stash podcasts in one convenient place for when he was tired of old 80s hair bands and he needed someone to talk to. Upon his return, he told me about a podcast he found that poses interesting questions, makes you dig deeper cerebrally and ethically, and made the miles home almost too short (besides missing me a painful bunch). From everything to the latest developments in genetic technology to questions concerning ethics in worldwide surrogacy, Nazi Germany POW treatment, or new thoughts about the DNA of addiction: Radio Lab podcast is broccoli for your brain. But covered in butter and roasted garlic so you don’t even know it might be good for you.

Beth Woessner, Artist

On our first trip to the magically delicious, eye-candy of a farmer’s market in downtown Fayetteville, my girls and I met Beth Woessner. I loitered for too long at her booth eyeing her gorgeous curls and a print I really wanted for my kitchen. It caught my eye because it was beautiful, light and fun. Then I heard the story behind the series of which it was a part: The Women We Love.
And then I really needed it.
In this ‘curvaceous’ series, Beth celebrates women, their unique beauty inside and out while honoring their colorful personalities with bright and happy colors.
She says, ‘As women our bodies are often compared to apples or pears, which are the subjects in this series. Women often get too caught up in their outer appearance and its “flaws”, wishing they were taller, shorter, thinner, more curves, less curves,..on and on. Our thinking can steal our gratitude, confidence and mindfulness to be present with those in our midst. I want to help remind us women to recall those women we love and adore.’
So I went home and thought about that painting for weeks. Then I called Beth and she let me walk right into her home without being scared and we talked and I love her.
This is my original Beth Woessner piece:


No one has ever captured my essence so perfectly (I’m the lying down pear).
I also got this and isn’t it so fun?? Beth PAINTED this.

You can support local, NWA, or Beth will be happy to ship to other areas not fortunate enough to have her living in them.
Check her out on Facebook or on


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