All the Things: March

IMG_2273I got down on my belly in the grass in a field near our house to take this picture and it was worth the itch because….spring, Friends. 
Just a few little things that…
lighten my load
make me laugh
stir my heart
make me think
bring me joy….

I think you might like them, too.

Plugged In Online

Y’all. This site from Focus on the Family has rescued my biscuits from the hot oven of entertainment trash that is out there for our kids to view a higher number of times than I can probably count. Since Rated R is the new PG-13 and that time I had to look up words I don’t even know on the internet to try to explain to my son in the movie I let him watch, I now am awesome at this game. Go to and type in the name of movies, tv shows, music, books or games. It’s crazy thorough. They break down a summary of all the content into:
positive elements
negative elements
spiritual content
sexual content
summary (and no spoilers)
So when my kids come to me and ask, I could pull it up and see the hot new movie out has 2 B words, and 4 Ds, 3 Hs, and 13 F bombs. I will say, ‘Sorry, Kid. Go read Skippyjon Jones again or build a tower out of q tips.’
They don’t always like it but I know immediately what’s up. (And I love knowing what’s up.) Sometimes we throw it at my oldest and ask him what he wants to do knowing what we do about everything. He doesn’t always do what I am hoping he will (all Snoopy all the time) but these are teachable moments, too.

*pssst! There’s also an app for this. Your kids won’t thank me…but you might.



Okay. Settle your britches: I know this isn’t new. But if I had 2 dimes for every person I have told that didn’t know about it I would have $5.20. I can hardly text anymore because I love Voxer so. The younguns call it a walkie talkie app but that doesn’t cover the half of it. What happens is this: you hit the green button and you talk to your friend and it leaves them a message. They listen to it when they can and then they leave you a message when they can. I have group chats with prayer requests, two girlfriends I talk with every single day about you-can’t-imagine, and I can send sweet voice notes to my man asking him to grab some milk, pretty please on the way home (he likes it when I affect a British accent and you can’t do that by text). You can also text by Voxer or send inspirational links and weird pictures.
I have friends that live in all the states that I miss every day and there is something about hearing their voices that fills in a little of the gap of missing for me. My man’s all like, ‘Uh. Why don’t you just call them?’
Hello? I don’t use my phone for that.
If you are a busy mama/introvert/hate holding your phone to text/drive often/are a human with friends…this is for you. Promise. But you won’t believe me for a long time just like I didn’t believe my friend Brenda when she demanded I get it 6 months before I actually did. Let me know in September if it works for you?

SixEight energy bars

Once upon a time last month I had some time to kill before school kid pick up so coffee. I took a book and my joe and tucked away into a corner. I saw a cute girl working at something out of the corner of my eye and watched her for a minute. I thought to myself, ‘We should probably be friends.’ She was attaching stickers from a large roll onto some type of bar in clear plastic wrap. So I say a clever thing like, ‘Are you attaching stickers to some type of bar?’ In 5 minutes I was helping her label these handmade energy bars while I was eating one and knew she had 3 kids, was going to Colorado for spring break the next week and that we actually should be friends (aren’t women fun?!). She told me and Mary (another lady near us that we picked up) about how she just started hand making these bars, prays over each small batch, and brings them to places like Mama Carmen’s to sell. Y’all. I’m not saying this because Rebecca is so precious and I love her story and curly hair: these are so good.
I’m a texture girl and this hits all the things and is really a perfect chew. Rebecca gave me a couple to give away and so you know what? I’ll put your name in a drawing and mail them to you free and clear if you’ll just leave a comment on the blog or by Facebook. It’s kind of cheating for both of us, but if you share this post, I’ll add your name twice. You should have them by the soccer game on Saturday.
Check out Six Eight and my new friend Rebecca.
Dr. Teal
When Mama’s had one of those days that ends in y, I put a little sign on the bathroom door (aka lock it), tell my family that I have an appointment with the Dr., and I honor the time for as long as an average appointment lasts. The flavors are all gorgeous and you can get it anywhere (Walgreens, Walmart, Target). More bonus? At around $5, it’s cheaper than your copay and could also be considered therapy.
This is my current favorite:

All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr
I have about 12 books on my nightstand at all times. They all resemble something like knives because I have a lot of soul work to do and for me that usually requires sharp things. When I got this book in the mail from one of my dearest, I thought 2 things: 1) I love her. 2) Thank goodness for brain candy.
It’s been awhile since I gave my mind a piece of gum just for the simple flavor. The way in which Doerr writes is one of those that he doesn’t show or tell you about the sea or the museum or Madam: he somehow conjures them by sight and smell. I have seethed, and squirmed, and teared up and started some pages again as soon as I read the last letter. Occasionally, I will peek again at the author’s face on the book jacket and marvel that he had these words in his head.
I’m not sure if it started slow or if I started too fast and needed to ease in, but now I wonder about my new friends Werner and Marie Laure during the day, visit them at night when I see the Dr., and will savor the last page slowly because I will be sad to see it go.

Sometimes when I get really tickled I laugh like a donkey coughing up an errant piece of corn. Long, loud, bray-ingly obnoxious. I don’t know why this is so funny to me but let’s end on a high note:



Thank you for reading, friends.




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  1. Keasha | 31st Mar 16

    I feel like you can see the thoughts in my brain sometimes! Love plugdin! I hate TALKING on my phone, yet need constant communication with my peeps…I need to test the energy giving 6-8 bars…and I forwarded the blow drying pic to my hair dresser a few weeks ago after I cleared the water from my eyes! YES!!!

  2. Holly | 31st Mar 16

    I know you hate texting but come on, man! I really need to hear from you soon! ? I’ll stalk you on Voxer if I have to!!! ? Seriously, I miss your face!

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