Armed and Dangerous

I am treading dangerous, shark-infested water on this post while also wearing a chum necklace and socks made out of chicken skin. The word politics may come up and that could be all you see if that is all you want to see but this post isn’t about that…it’s about swords.

I honestly try to stay out of poli-talk of all sorts on facebook.  I personally feel like I need to investigate the purpose of my post and if I’m airing something rather than educating on a subject I feel passionate about, I tend to just keep it to myself or give Scott an earful when he gets home.  People go blind-crazy-stark raving mad and politics are polarizing to the point that we don’t see humans, we see sides.   And has anyone converted one party to the other because of a good point, well-made update on a status? Don’t get me wrong…intelligent dialogue is an exciting exchange that, when done in the fashion it is intended, can end with a handshake and an elevated respect for the other person.  Intelligent dialogue has a purpose.

Obviously I got my feelings hurt this morning.  It was in response to someone else’s political post.  I said something that I truly meant about praying for a candidate.  And I will be honest and own that my statement clearly showed which side I was for.   So I kind of spit my coffee on my keyboard as I was trying to wake up this morning to realize I was raked over the coals for praying and also for rooting for the other party.  Actually, God got juked because He ‘obviously didn’t listen to me.’

Shots fired.

Oh, the power of the weapons we keep so close at hand.

Proverbs 12:18 says: The words of the reckless pierce like swords, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.

We choose to kill or to heal with our words.  This is a deliberate action:  choose (verb): to select from a number of possibilities

This certainly isn’t limited to elections.  It’s just on my mind because I was verbally assaulted behind a computer over my choice in support this time.  It really only applies to interaction between two humans.  Now and then I am the one that brings the sword to the party.  I was brought up to be a strong-willed warrior that way among other strong-willed warriors so sometimes it is hard to get the sword out of my white-knuckled grip.  And I know just where to sink it in…we all do.

As I chew over this verse from Proverbs, I realize the choice we are making with our words (without having to compromise our belief system) is this:  I will honor you over myself…I love you more than me.

It takes so much more strength to lay that sword down than thrust it in.  I know because I have assaulted the alphabet with replies that I weep over while I erase them because they were so good.  So good.  Just like this morning.

I will leave you with one question:  What is your political affiliation?

Just kidding.

Are you strong enough to lay your sword down?


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  1. Misti | 4th Oct 13

    I’m so sorry someone attacked you with their words and assumptions. It does hurt. It takes a lot to walk away and say I won’t engage. Thank you for articulating that so very beautifully. 🙂

  2. Julie | 4th Oct 13

    We don’t see humans we see sides
    Classic. I love you

  3. Jill Tucker | 5th Oct 13

    Melissa for President! So true and relevant. I hope all the sword-bearers read this. Oh, I almost choked from laughing so hard about deleting awesome written responses. Great writing!

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