The Barefoot Sessions: Amber Salhus


Because I prefer my feet naked, same as my conversations.


The internet is a weird place, right? You see someone online, you think ‘We should be friends only you don’t know it yet’ so you take it to the next level by instant messaging. If that works out, you exchange numbers and which leads to voxing each other all day until you meet up in South Carolina and spend a long weekend at the Hope*Writer’s Conference renting a car together and going to Target and barn parties and such.
But I guess that’s like online dating, too, and sometimes it’s just meant to be.
The reason why I took it to the next level with Amber is because she makes me laugh, she goes to Taco Bell in her pajamas, and she creates videos with bagel chips:

And one second we are dissolved in a puddle of giggles and the next we are diving in the deep waters of life wondering if we’ve brought the right swimming gear.  In other words, she’s like a regular real person.
I think you’ll enjoy knowing her, too.
Just a tip?
You pronounce her last name like a Texan would: ‘I thought we was hiding pretty good but I guess she ‘SAWL US’.
Amber writes over at and you can also find her on Instagram and at Target.

I believe in hospitality, and that it’s not just about inviting people into my home, but into my life. It’s about making room.

I believe that you are creative, whether you realize it or not.

I believe that you are far more capable than you suspect.

I believe that God cares about the dreams tucked away in your heart even more than you do. I believe that He put them there, on purpose, and for such a time as this.   ~Amber Salhus

Stay put after these short questions? I’ve included a link to a post she wrote called ‘How to Have Zero Chill.’

What is the last text you sent?

When is the last time you cried? 5 minutes ago. I cry roughly every 5 minutes. I’m a church-cryer, a TV cryer, a cry-laugher, a “that’s so true” cryer, a “that’s so beautiful” cryer… you get the picture. I never leave home without one of those tiny packages of tissues in my purse.

What is the last book you read? Talking As Fast As I Can by Lauren Graham

What is the tenth picture in your camera roll:

Me, my mom, and sister goofing at an old confessional booth somewhere in Napa Valley. There may or may not have been wine involved.
What is the kindest thing anyone has ever done for you? The nurse who helped me use the restroom for the first time after giving birth. There really is no dignity in a situation like that. I clearly needed help and there was not denying it. With all the grace and respect one could possibly muster she helped me go to the bathroom when my legs weren’t even stable enough to hold me up. I’ve never felt more helpless yet filled with gratitude. I could have hugged her. Okay fine, I did hug her.

What is a good marriage practice for you? BE A FUN-HAVER. I tend to live inside my own head a lot and overanalyze ALL THE THINGS. This *may* have led to the occasional ruined date night from my relentless attempts to get deep and solve all of life’s problems before we’ve even gotten to the main course. There’s a time and a place for that.. Date night isn’t always it. Part of what made my husband fall in love with me was my fun-loving nature. Sometimes I forget to just BE in a moment without any expectations of it. My husband feels the most loved when we’re simply goofing off and laughing together.

A GIF that frames your life:


Please enjoy these words from my friend:

How to Zero Chill by Amber Salhus



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