Everyday Holy

On days where one feels like the next and the previous two before it, my husband or I have been known to greet each other with these words in the morning, ‘Happy Groundhog Day.’  (if you’ve never seen the movie, you might be tempted to stop reading now).  Moving through our days like mud downhill simply because that’s the nature of the thing and we know the route well.

And then just when I think I might scratch my own eyes out for the sheer rote flavor of another busy day of running dry clothes through the dryer for the twelfth time because this will dodge the folding of them, something catches my eye…

Jesus bling.

Man, I love some Jesus bling.

That flash of an answered prayer.  The dazzle of a miracle.  The glitter of an opportunity where it’s obvious that God is all up in every part of your business.

If it were up to me, I’d stay in a constant state of bling.  In this place, I don’t have to go chasing after God or looking for Him under crusty dishes in the sink.

Therein lies that proverbial, ever-chafing rub:  humans are hard-wired for Purpose but we are not hard-wired for a state of long glory.  We tend to burn out or become numb to its brilliance or, more likely, become our own little gods what with constant light shining on us and all.  The bling is just God’s way of having fun with us.

So what’s between the glitter?

Only one minute.

One minute by itself is a just breath.  But these minutes and breaths stacked one upon the next…is our life.

And this is where the sacred lies.


Holy ground.

Think about it:  God’s story is redemption.

Wouldn’t our best endeavors involve the same?

There is honor and beauty and redemption to be had in every single ordinary moment.

It’s sure something to chew over as you rescue:


dishes from the sink

your family from starving by showing up at work

a child from behaving the way he wants forever

a friend from despair

a marriage from the pit

a relationship from bitterness


And we do have a choice about whether or not to participate in the everyday holy, don’t we?  Just think about that relationship that grows cold without your stepping in.  Or what about how your house looks at the end of every day without effort?

Every moment we choose to remain faithful to our work at hand, adds up to a long, beautiful life of faithfulness.

So, friends, our high and holy days may very well come on a Tuesday with a broom in our hand and kid on our shirts or on the 4,321st, eye-glazing commute to work.

And while some days it might feel like we are shoveling snow while it is still snowing,  we must understand…there is nothing ordinary about holy business.



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  1. Casey | 11th Jul 14

    Yes. This information has needed to be put into words. It answers so many WHY DO I BOTHER questions I ask myself daily- love you girl. Bring on the Jbling

    • melissablair09@gmail.com | 25th Jul 14

      Jbling. My sista! Chances are, sweet friend, a struggle that needs to be put in words…I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. But I will (it’s how I chew out the flavor of my issues ;)). May I say sincerely thank you for being supportive and taking time to give your thoughts? I treasure that you do that. It’s kind of like a hug and you always make me smile. I love you.

  2. Julie | 11th Jul 14

    I really needed this! Love you

    • melissablair09@gmail.com | 25th Jul 14

      I really need to see you. I love you.

  3. Brenda | 11th Jul 14

    This is the theme all around me right now– the moments. Soak in them because in this brief life (that at times feels monotonous) the moments are truly few in the scope of eternity. Forever is a long time and we’re right on the front edge of our forever. We’ve been talking about that sense of Groundhog day over here too! Press into the bling, sister and keep writing. Your words from His Spirit are ministering to souls. You were made for this! Muah!

    • melissablair09@gmail.com | 25th Jul 14

      Every time you talk, I just regret the time we haven’t gotten so far…I love your words, your faithfulness and passion for your craft and calling and your tunnel-vision for Jesus. I can’t wait to sit down with you…or I will take a phone call. Or a weekend at IF Gathering with you as a roommate ;).

  4. Erika Riggs | 14th Jul 14

    your words bring tears to my eyes this morning, as I read them, on my 15,000th bus ride to downtown, to a job that does not capture my heart, on a day when I would rather be anywhere but here, I pray I can see the everyday holy.

    • melissablair09@gmail.com | 25th Jul 14

      I love reading all of your words because I get to catch a glimpse of you…like on the bus…and then I think about our long van rides to Wakisi and late night slumber parties and I miss you all over. I pray I can see the everyday holy today on my personal version of the bus ride. I love you.

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