February Book Giveaway

I admit it: I have a problem with books.  I buy multiple copies of ones I love and hand them out like a modern day Book Fairy.  As a way to thank you guys for holding hands with me on this journey (which I truly, truly appreciate), I want to give you some of my favorites.  On the second Tuesday of each month, I will randomly draw from my list of subscribers.  The RSS feed form is available on your computer or there is an email link at the bottom of the mobile site.  I promise not to bombard you with stuff that is not awesome and never more than twice a week.  Win the book on Tuesday and you will have it in time to enjoy for the weekend! Thank you for participating and thank you so much for your support.




I had heard about this book for several years from reliable book lovers.  One night at a used book store, I was book hoarding shopping for other things and I saw this and grabbed a copy.

And still didn’t get around to it for another year.

We took a trip last year and I packed this in my bag.  Books are kind of like friends to me and I like to linger with them over coffee and it is hard to say farewell to the good ones. I started Same Kind of Different as me on the plane that day and had to say good bye to this friend within 48 hours.

I couldn’t put it down.

I would like to pass along, if I may, two suggestions about undertaking this one:

1)      If you are looking to get away from your head and heart and have some light beach reading, this book is not it.  I neglected my beach-frolicking husband to hang out with Ron and Denver (the co-authors).  But that is not even the worst part.  With one chapter to go and knowing where we were headed, I quietly excused myself back to the hotel room, weeping stoically behind large and cute sunglasses. Once there, I finished this one out with a full-on, Stage 4 ugly cry.

2)      Don’t wait to read this one.

*A very fun side note: as I opened this book to begin it, I discovered that Ron Hall and Denver Moore had both signed it.

**Please also note: this is not the copy of the book I will be sending to you. 

Same Kind of Different

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  1. Allison Phillips | 11th Feb 14

    It is so neat that you chose this book, Melissa. As I was drinking in everything that was being shared this past weekend, I thought to myself, “I must read Same Kind of Different as Me…again!!!”
    I am not entering the contest because I own the book, but I just wanted to say, “Great choice!” It’s a “must read!” It broke my heart in a beautiful way.
    ps – I, too, had a good “ugly cry” with this one.

    • melissablair09@gmail.com | 11th Feb 14

      Alli, isn’t it SO GOOD?? I need to read it again, too. I think about Deborah a lot. Of course you love this one…it’s like we’re sisters.

  2. Alli | 11th Feb 14

    Aren’t we? 🙂

  3. Sara | 11th Feb 14

    I love your stories, Melba. They have a way of drawing you in like you’re sitting right there on the beach with sand between your toes, heart and head buried in the book with you. I love you and look forward to these special quite moments of when I read your blog, then my hectic day starts. It’s prozac for the soul.

  4. Karen Reavis | 11th Feb 14

    I had just bought the book and had it on the kitchen table. My daughter was heading back to college that day and decided she really wanted to read it, so she took it. 🙂

  5. Meagan | 11th Feb 14

    How dare you! You know this is one that makes you bawl!!
    I LOVE it though….WOW. That’s all I could say a the end. Wow.

  6. Dana | 11th Feb 14

    I was given this book years ago by friends. It is a wonderfully inspiring book. I recommend it to everyone. It sure changed my perspective on some things.

  7. Mishal Hemphill | 11th Feb 14

    This is a book that once you read it, you will not be able to shake it. Good stuff.

  8. Julie Borowitz | 11th Feb 14

    I despise a “light read.” I will be buying this book this week. Thanks for the heads up!

  9. Erika (@rougeandwhimsy) | 11th Feb 14

    I LOVE Same Kind of Different as Me.

    My husband and I actually bought four copies just to give away. I felt a little like Oprah.

    I actually do that with books– buy multiple copies of ones I love.

    Speaking of books– I am a HUGE book nerd. I read a TON. (i have a monthly post on my blog about what I’ve read– http://rougeandwhimsy.blogspot.com/2014/01/january-read-reading-to-read.html) 🙂

    in case you need another book to read– I HIGHLY recommend “Unbroken.” It’s a war story but it’s also a crazy story of redemption.

  10. Mia | 11th Feb 14

    Love it Melissa!

  11. Susan | 13th Feb 14

    Like you, I couldn’t put this book down many years ago when I read it. I remember I finished it while taking a bubble bath; I was crying so loudly that Hal came running into the bathroom to find out what was going on. Cherish that autographed copy. Denver passed away in 2012.

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