I See You

I almost missed you…

…with your mouth pressed tight and your face set in bravery.  Your dark eyes holding a question…full, then leaking, on the outside corners and down your neck.  You sat so patiently, your hands, gripping your stool, eagerly submitting to a painful procedure for relief from the crippling pain in your feet.  You whispered your name hoarsely, said you were eight.  You got new shoes today, sweet boy.   I caught that small, shy smile you gave just for me.

wakisi 2


I almost missed you…

…there on that wall, waiting for a glance from me.  Were those your brothers with you or your friends?  I couldn’t tell with your identical dirty faces and wide, brilliant smiles.  Clever boy.  You showed me a trick with an old bicycle tire and a sugar cane stick.  After you boys laughed and called me mzungu, you wanted me to try it.  I almost tripped on my long, dumb skirt training that tire to go.  The two of you in the middle, yes, you two, laughed so hard you turned to put your faces in the wall.  But I saw your bodies shaking and heard your belly laughs.  You laughed so long and hard that I laughed until my sides ached and tears stung my eyes.


Wakisi Boys


I almost missed you…

… with your stained face and foreign smell.   Your cough rattled your tiny chest as you lay your heart against mine.  You sucked your two middle fingers the whole time I held you.  Your too-wise eyes looked straight into mine and you cleaved my heart and took my breath.  You wrapped your arms around my arms and clung to me so tight when I tried to put you down to leave.   I left those grounds of that baby orphanage with tears of my own.




I almost missed you.

Because I wasn’t looking for you.

But now…I see you.



For the measure you use, it will be measured to you.  Luke 6:38


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  1. Julie | 13th Mar 14

    What you are doing for these children is amazing, they will remember this forever, the picture of you holding that beautiful child melts my heart. So proud….I love you

  2. #blogHope: Our Day in Wakisi | Blog Hope | 13th Mar 14

    […] Melissa: I almost missed you because I wasn’t looking for you but now I see you. […]

  3. Meagan | 13th Mar 14

    Oh Melissa! Ugh…how are you going to leaves? These pictures are precious. Those moments…..wow.

  4. Danielle | 13th Mar 14

    Oh my goodness gracious…Bring me home one of those babies…love this and am still praying for you daily.

  5. Brenda | 13th Mar 14

    Oh my heart! My eyes! As we glimpse into the Father’s heart and resonate with a fraction of what He sees, it just causes us to be undone, doesn’t it?! Love you and praying for you all along the way!

  6. SB | 13th Mar 14

    LY. Praying and miss you but so happy for you. BB

  7. Jill Tucker | 13th Mar 14

    Hiya! Wow, what a post. I can feel it. Love you! Keep on truckin’!

  8. Vanessa McClellan | 13th Mar 14

    Melissa you are amazing, inspiring and such a Blessing. Maybe just one day you won’t miss that, you will see that. Safe travels my friend!

  9. Sara | 14th Mar 14

    I can only imagine the joy and gift of compassion you are giving. I am loving that poor, sweet baby who probably hasn’t been held by someone who knew they were born into a kingdom. His kingdom. Hug, hold, smile, love, and cherish those souls who just so happened to be born in a different part of the world than us. We see you, brothers. Prayers for you, my sweet sister, and the other family with you. Safe travels. I would like to have seen you with the dern tire!

  10. erika | 14th Mar 14

    wow. i’m crying and i was right there. melissa, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful words.

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