I want to hear from you on…if God is real

I have a blog.  Which is a platform to talk, right? Well, I don’t believe I always have the good thing to say.  I love getting emails from you or thought-provoking comments.

Dialogue is what I desire. Not soliloquy.

Once a month, I intentionally open up dialogue through a segment called ‘I want to hear from you…’  It’s your chance to vent, wonder, cross-examine, ponder or question.  I usually do a specific topic but if you want to jump the tracks and discuss something else…go crazy.  I’ll go with you.  Because I believe you have something to say.

I’m listening.

It has been my observation that however broad the road we all travel on, we are singularly bound by the same human experience. Which makes us all in common, doesn’t it?  Maybe we’ve had the same thoughts.  Maybe we’ve already been through that experience and have insight to the other side.  Maybe we don’t agree but we need to understand better.  Maybe it’s just good to flesh out some things in ourselves.

So how about it?  I want to hear from you.


A few months ago, I had a friend send me a link to something I had never heard of before.  She said I must check this out.  I trust the interest and enthusiasm of my friend.  So I click the link for If Gathering.

Okay.  So it’s a bunch of women in Austin getting together and discussing what exactly?  If God is real?  Then what?

So what?

I mean, it stirred something in me.  But I didn’t know what exactly.  I loved the boldness.  I was caught up in the ‘gathering’ and ‘equipping’ and certainly the ‘unleashing’ of women on this generation.  But it felt like just when I could see the smoke I would try to capture it and it would be…gone.  And I was confused.

And trying to explain it to another friend, the conversation went like this:

Me: Have you heard of the If Gathering?

Friend: No.  What is it?

Me:  Well, it’s like…If God is real.

Friend: What?

Me:  You know, like, IF God is real, THEN what would you do?

Friend:  I’m scared.

Me: Who’s on first?

This whole thing felt…vaporous. Until the other night when it hit me squarely.  So squarely that I got out of bed and put on my robe and went to the couch and stood in front of my often confused-by-my-behavior husband and I said: ‘I need to ask you a question and the answer can be a simple yes or a no.’ Even though he is used to my intensity, he shifts a little and does that thing with his eyebrows, ‘Okay.’

‘Okay, so if God is real…does that or would that change anything about how you are living your life now?’

And there’s silence while…he gets it.  He gets the question.

I’m not talking about good, clean livin’.  Or about following all the rules (quite the contrary here, actually).  Or the God we all take for granted.  I’m talking about…more:

If God is real, then _________________________________________________ .

  • I better get busy with the tasks He has given me while here.
  • My shoes may not matter so much.
  • I should love and forgive people in a different way.
  • I should stop holding on to stuff (real stuff, people stuff, stuff stuff).
  • I shouldn’t invest most of my time creating the most comfortable temporary I can.

Asking this question should compel something in us.  Maybe it shifts focus.  Maybe it shifts a worry or a fear.  Maybe it creates a desire to discover your purpose.

I wonder, even if you aren’t sure about God…could you just for a moment…be in the question still?

So…this month, I want to hear from you…I want to ask you what I asked my husband but I would love so much more than a yes or a no: If God is real…does that or would that change anything about what you are doing now?



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  1. Ali | 21st Jan 14

    I’ve been feeling the same way! Watch the video I sent on Facebook. We must get coffee soon! And I’m impressed that uou put on a robe! Mine is whatever is on the floor fr what I wore that day. A robe is so… Proper!

    • melissablair09@gmail.com | 21st Jan 14

      Ali. Yes. Must. Have. Coffee. Soon. Please. I will send you a picture of this robe…it is not proper. It is like butter…it was a gift from a friend and I have worn it every day since I got it. Soft and smooth as butter I say.

  2. Meagan | 21st Jan 14

    That question sets me on fire every time I hear it asked…most always by you. And every time it gets me rethinking my “daily”. How could what I do/say/react better impact THE KINGDOM? Because if God is real, then I need to make sure each breath I take brings glory to Him.

    • melissablair09@gmail.com | 21st Jan 14

      Meagan…I know you will always go here with me. I love that. And then we can laugh about something like buying too much medication at Dollar General and making inappropriate remarks to the clerk. Thank you for being real with me. I love you, sister.

  3. Lori Lehrmann | 21st Jan 14

    I wonder why I walk around at times living in defeat. Why don’t I accept the victory that Christ has given me…redemption & grace. He promised this world would be hard, however, he didn’t stop there. He also promised us that He overcame this world. So, why am I walking around as if I can’t handle something. Truth is…I can’t…alone anyway…but I can with Him. He has given me victory and I need to walk in that. Straight up.

    • melissablair09@gmail.com | 21st Jan 14

      Lori, I think it must be a constant re-focus…you’ve seen me spin in Cut the But (ha! I said cut the but)…I feel like a schizophrenic Christ-lover. We all do. Love walking with you. Thank you for sharing your heart. I mean it. I have missed you, friend. I also love that you ended sharing your heart with ‘Straight up.’ #soulsista

  4. Wynne | 21st Jan 14

    thank you melissa for asking this, for being brave and answering it. i am a processor, and you have given me a good question to think about this week. and i can’t wait to be with you at IF and processing through these answers together. love you!

    • melissablair09@gmail.com | 21st Jan 14

      Wynne, I don’t feel brave. I feel silly and vulnerable a lot. Thank you for helping me see that processing this stuff IS brave and necessary if we are living intentionally. It’s hard to stay in that place, isn’t it? What with diapers and dishes and babies and such :). I am really so excited that you will be at IF!! And Africa!! And who knows where God will take us together after that?! I don’t know…but I can’t wait. I love you, sister.

  5. Mishal Hemphill | 21st Jan 14

    Hayden will come home after a rough day and say, “Just tried to push back the darkness a little today.” Isn’t that what we are always trying to do as followers of Christ- push back the darkness of our pride, jealousy, distraction, greed and all the other evils of the world. It gives us a glimpse of His Glory . If God is real ….then why am I not ADDICTED to seeing glimpses of his Glory? I better get busy pushing back the darkness- there are practical, messy ways of doing this that I won’t bore you with. And the whole IF Gathering thing- I’m still trying to figure that one out. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Love your blog. Sorry for the mini rant!:)

    • melissablair09@gmail.com | 21st Jan 14

      Mishal, I savored reading this and re-read it. I love it. Can’t say thank you enough for sharing your heart. I love that Hayden says that…I won’t forget that visual. Thankful I have you to hold hands with on this journey…looking forward to serving with you in many, many ways. (speaking of addicted to His glory…Jennie allen calls that a taste of heaven in her book ANything. Please get it. I know you would love it. It was like fresh wind to me on many things I have wondered by myself and then…Jennie is brave enough to say them out loud). I love your mini rant. Want more.

  6. Traci | 21st Jan 14

    Oh this question is just so, uh, so uncomfortable for me. Because SINCE God is real THEN I surely do need to live my life like it. Less anxiety, less fear, less worry, less anger, less impatient moments, more forgiveness, more love, more gentleness. Yes of course it should change the way I live. It absolutely should and does on the days I actually think about it and remember it. But then there are those yucky days when life just feels so out of control that He’s the last person I go to because I’m too busy trying to gain control. I’m so thankful for a Lord who knows me better than I know myself. And who will forgive me for the days that I live my life as if He doesn’t exist.

    • melissablair09@gmail.com | 22nd Jan 14

      Traci, you nailed it. For me, too. I was thinking about you last night…you know, as I write such a pithy post on my blog I must surely live it, right? And then I pretty much ruined our family dinner with my grumpiness. Wha?! Thank you for sharing your heart with me. Reminds me I’m not alone. By the way, can’t wait to hear more of your heart on your blog.

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