I would love to hear from you…on Thanksgiving

The strange skulls and pumpkins holiday is done and we are in the first week of November.  These things, plus the fact that it will only reach a high of 80 degrees in Texas this week means it is official:  the holidays are right around the corner!  For a festive girl who likes festivities, there is nothing more exciting.  It is time for Greenberg Turkey family and Greenberg Turkey celebration and Greenberg Turkey traditions we all look forward to.

Now, I am a very traditional gal in my head and it seems like we have our Christmas traditions set, but Thanksgiving is harder for me.

We spend every other year with my side of the family and every other year with Scott’s side of the family…which makes it harder to maintain consistent traditions.  But I really would like to do something each year and I need some ideas.


No time like Gavin’s twelfth Thanksgiving to fortify his fond memories of home with that thing we did every year that he really looked forward to, right?

So…I would really love to hear from you guys:

What are some favorite Thanksgiving traditions you do with your family?

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  1. Gabrielle | 4th Nov 13

    We’re starting our thankfulness tree today. I started a board on Pinterest to pin ideas for our tree, but I think I’ve settled on just having my kids color one side of printable leaves and then we’ll write what we’re thankful for every night at dinner on the opposite side of the leaf. There are definitely prettier ways to do it, but I think this will be ideal for my kids ages. And it will transition nicely into our Jessie Tree for Advent.

    Last year, on Thanksgiving Day, I had my entire extended family draw names and then we had to say something about that person that we’re thankful for. It was a really sweet time.

    • melissablair09@gmail.com | 4th Nov 13

      Gabby, these are GREAT ideas! We always do a high/low at dinner so I really think that writing it down (and skipping the low!) would work for that. I am going to research Jessie Tree too…not familiar with that. Thank you for this good stuff!

  2. Lori | 4th Nov 13

    We do a Thankful Journal. It’s basically a composition notebook I covered in cute scrapbook paper. We have done it for three years now. Every night we each take turns saying one thing we are thankful for and one of us writes it in the journal. It’s fun to look back & see what we were thankful for that day last year or even 2 years ago. If we forget a night we just double up & do 2 things. Make sense?! 🙂

    • melissablair09@gmail.com | 4th Nov 13

      Oh you are speaking my love language…I LOVE JOURNALS and keeping memories too…and cute paper…and decoupage. Thank you for this idea. Love love this one.

  3. tamara kelso | 4th Nov 13

    Although my family doesn’t know it yet, we are starting a new tradition this year because of my experience last year. No matter what city we will be visiting, we are going to bring goodie bags for those who are in the ICU family waiting rooms on Thanksgiving night.

    I spent Thanksgiving last year in an ICU room with my mom who was not conscious, at a hospital 5 hours from my husband and boys and 2 hours away from my extended family. I ate my cafeteria meal in the waiting room alone…well, with God, thanking him for my family, my mom and praying for each and every person that night who was alone with a family member in an ICU.

    • melissablair09@gmail.com | 6th Nov 13

      Wow, Tamara. This is…perfect. Two years ago I was with my dad at the hospital and, you are right, it is very lonely…and discouraging. Thank you for this. This speaks to me…so much. I sure miss you being here. As a matter of fact, Gavin got tickled telling me a story tonight about him and Kellan writing on Connor’s face the time they spent the night together before you left. Seriously tickled. He misses his friend, too.

  4. Rachel | 6th Nov 13

    Growing up, we always brought a Greenberg turkey to one of my parents favorite ladies, who could not afford one herself. It was such a huge blessing to her family and taught us about giving back.

    • melissablair09@gmail.com | 11th Nov 13

      THIS is a great idea (and fun)! And I get the privilege of seeing the fruit in your life because of what your parents did…that’s why I listen when you tell me something they did made a difference in the way you think.

    • melissablair09@gmail.com | 12th Nov 13


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