I’m Not Mad At Pam Tebow Anymore

‘If you don’t get in the car right now I might kick your butt.’  I spoke steel into these words to my oldest child.  Butt is a bad word in our house with our littles so this was just my way of cussing.  And throwing a fit.  I kept my eyes on him to let him know I meant business and swallowed the last of my hard, cold pizza dinner that was wadded up in a napkin because we were late to soccer practice.  Again.

I had reached my limit.  The bad limit with the capital L.  I was so mad at Pam Tebow.  The kind of mad where your chin won’t stop doing that dumb quivering thing.   It had been a day.  Here I am tempted to write down where all I was supposed to be ten minutes ago and who all had stepped in my chili and how many times being cloned would have been so handy but I suspect we all know what Day I am talking about.

And now…Pam Tebow…speaking at a City-Wide Women’s Event at 6:30.  Seriously, Pam?

I had an exactly twelve minute window between two practices and I might need to brush my hair for the city women (think of the city women!).  Pam Tebow was the reason I brushed off helping a kid memorize Bible verses for her class, had to drop Gavin off at soccer practice on two wheels and finally skid into the parking lot to meet two friends for this event.

My days are not always this full (yes they are) but everything kind of landed on this particular Tuesday to orchestrate the Perfect Storm.  So fifteen minutes before I was to raise my hands in worship and take notes from the sweetest woman I have never met, I am crying to my husband about sub-letting children, threaten to kick my child’s butt and refuse to help another one learn the Bible.

What kind of woman does this? 

I guess we all know the answer now.  It’s me.

If I hadn’t arranged to meet friends at the last minute, I would’ve given up on this day and tried to scald it off of me with a dangerously hot bath tub and a steel grill brush.  But as I sat in the parking lot in the car and watched all the women filing in, I took a deep breath and knew that this is where I was supposed to be.

It is a pretty humbling experience for a speaker of Pam’s caliber to tailor her entire message specifically to you.  For that, Pam Tebow, I would like to thank you sincerely.  Your words breathe life and were music in my ears.    Afterwards, I visited with a sister of mine in the parking lot…and this was another divine appointment (thank you, Holly).  As I was driving home, I just kept thinking to myself, ‘I almost missed this.’  The thought was crippling because it was a pivotal night for me.  We miss the music when we tune in to the static in our lives.   But this time I fought for the good thing.  And I won.

Oh and hey…as it turns out, I didn’t kick Gavin’s butt.  He’s the only kid I have that I can say that to and laugh about it with him two minutes later. I feel sure it will only ever come up again at an awkward moment like at the pediatrician’s office or dinner with the pastor.

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  1. Annabelle Miles | 11th Oct 13

    ❤ You!!!

  2. Ali | 11th Oct 13

    I just absolutely loved what she had to say. I agree with everything you said

  3. Jennifer Welch | 11th Oct 13

    Always knew you were hilarious in person but in writing also!! What a gift you have!!

  4. Rachel Nelson | 11th Oct 13

    So real- livin the dream

  5. Amy Bruster | 11th Oct 13

    Oh how I miss you sweet friend!! Love you and always look forward to your posts!!

  6. Sarah Plemons | 11th Oct 13

    Oh how I love you! Don’t stop sharing. Your words breathe life to us and remind us of the grace we moms need to give ourselves.

  7. Michele | 11th Oct 13

    Love this!! What a wonderful writer you are! I can so hear your “voice”! Thank you for sharing “your worst” so that others can feel they’re not alone. Definately have these days!

  8. Carol Ann | 11th Oct 13

    You are such a gifted writer!! Thanks for sharing your heart. Pam Tebow was phenomenal! Exactly what I needed, also.

  9. Shaila | 11th Oct 13

    Miss you, sweet friend!

  10. Paula McGuire | 12th Oct 13

    I love this post! I know I am one of the trillion moms who can relate to this type of day and series of events. I need grace every second of every day but every time I realize I need it I realize how much more I also need to give!! You are truly gifted! Don’t stop sharing!

  11. Becca Johnson | 12th Oct 13

    Thanks for keeping it real! Love you and miss you!

  12. Jennifer | 13th Oct 13

    Keep ’em comin sister!!! Thank you!

  13. Lana Barton | 13th Oct 13

    I just loved this, you are truly gifted!

  14. Lori Lehrmann | 14th Oct 13

    I love everything about this! And I love you!!

    • melissablair09@gmail.com | 17th Oct 13

      I love you more. So glad to be in this with my sista Lo-Ray.

  15. Julie Minton | 15th Oct 13

    Everything about this I love! Your real, so real! I’m so glad you are chasing this dream we have talked about for 10 years, I’m also glad that dad told you to keep writing! He knew that your writing was something special. You lifted me up today, helped me to cling to our God again with your wise words and encouragement while kids were crying in your ear. I’m so glad that your my sister and my best friend, I love you.

    • melissablair09@gmail.com | 17th Oct 13

      You are always my biggest cheerleader. I love you.

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