Important Things We Can Learn From Children

A lot I don’t think we give children the credit they merit.  In the busyness of life, they sometimes become these little wild things that don’t stay in the box when we need them to most.  So we press and stuff and wheedle and yell at them to ‘Get back in your box!’  Granted, the metaphorical (please, please know this is just a metaphor) box is there for safety and social integration.  Parents are just trying to do their jobs by keeping our kids safe and not weird.  I am absolutely not saying that they are perfect or that they don’t need our constant corraling.  They are strange and unpredictable beings.  Their obsession with sweets is obNOXious and every bodily function is always an event.  I am simply suggesting that in the hard process of growing up and being shoved in our own boxes, we might have lost a little bit of the goodness, and most definitely the playfulness, of children along the way.

Here are a few important things I think we can learn from our children:

*We should play with each other better.  Kids will play with any warm body that is willing.  Anytime.  Anywhere.  ‘Wanna play?’ ‘Yes.’ Boom and done.

*We should relax. I have never seen a child mutter and cuss under his breath about how in Sam Hill did his room get this messy and why is he the only one that ever does anything around here.  I have never gotten the stink eye when I leave a glass in the living room from my child.  As a matter of fact, they clown around too much clearing off the dinner table and they often leave crumbs in the seats.  They are not worried about perfection.  Yet.

*We should get inappropriate giggles when we are in unpleasant meetings.  This one is tricky, but I think it could work.  My husband and I might chew on the kids occasionally about being responsible citizens at the dinner table.  Every once in a while, one of the kids looks at the other in just the right way, and before you know it the table starts shaking and no one can look anyone in the eye because we are all trying to hide the fact that we are dissolving into a puddle of giggles.  Point made and meeting adjourned.

*We should play in the rain.  I don’t have good facts to back this up.  Just stop thinking about the extra laundry or how you’ll catch cold and go play with your kids in the rain.   One day they will remember this.

*We should forgive like a child  I have a child with the softest heart.  I will admit when she comes home from school and tells me about things kids say (seriously, people) my first reaction is a satisfying fantasy involving a large paddle and 5 minutes alone with said child.  The next day, she is playing with this kid again.  Like, she worked it out and they are…fine.  There was no bitterness, no casualties from frostbite, or chatting about it with other friends.  It’s over for her.  (But I will tell you my memory is longer and I’m dusting my paddle. I’m just kidding.)

*We should all just tickle more.  This one I can take or leave because it takes so long for me to get up off the floor, but my kids seem to enjoy it and ask to do this Every. Single. Day.  (this one could also double in the unpleasant meetings because it gives me inappropriate giggles to imagine this happening with a group of tense men in suits)

*We should eat more cake.  Just…yeah.

Kids need us.  Boy, they do.  I can’t say the day will ever come that I can stop reminding mine that I can see their tonsils every time they chew.

But it’s really important to remember that we need them, too, right?

They remind us of the good stuff.

Relax, already.


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  1. Rachel | 7th Mar 14

    My heart is soaring over this post! Bravo, bravo. I find pieces of my own childhood in every point. What a thought…not only to “let kids be kids”, but to join them every now and then!!

  2. Meagan | 8th Mar 14

    Playing in the rain and eating cake. Can we start today? Love this!! A good reminder that I should seriously chill out & just enjoy.
    Oh and men in suits tickling one another turns me into a puddle of giggles.

  3. Melinda Miles | 8th Mar 14

    Enjoyed so much….Love your points of wisdom…always get something from them and wonderful memory will pop up …keep up the good news….love you…your cousin Melinda

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