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Driving through Entebbe, Kampala, Lugazi, Jinja…maybe any town in Uganda…the scene smacks familiar.  Men, women and children everywhere on the streets are walking, sitting, standing…just…milling.

There’s not exactly excess in the way of job opportunity.  Cultivating technical skills and any education requires fees for the schools attended.  Riding on a boda through a typical Ugandan town, you see might see this guy.

You might assume stuff.

You shouldn’t.
307This is Zeus. He is from a western district in Uganda called Busenyi. He has four sisters and four brothers back home. For almost a year now, Zeus has been a shoemaker for Sole Hope.


‘I have four brothers and four sisters left at home. I use part of the money I make to help to pay school fees for two of my brothers.’

Zeus dropped out of technical school because he couldn’t afford the cost and found work with a local shoe factory. Conditions and wages not optimal, he left the factory to join up with Sole Hope.
Sole Hope isn’t putting a Hello Kitty Bandaid on a gaping wound. The key to lasting change for many of the problems in Africa is simply…the opportunity to work.
Yes, on top of eradicating foot-related diseases, Sole Hope is going here, too.
Zeus is engaged to be married and he is excited about starting this new phase in his life. His job with Sole Hope will allow him to provide for his new family.
‘I am comfortable with my pay and I will make shoes as long as I can.’

To read more about how Zeus turns the jeans cut at a shoe party for Sole Hope into a pair of shoes, please read From Beginning to End by my friend, Cara Coleman.


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  1. Meagan | 17th Mar 14

    Just a few things I love:
    1. I LOVE these pictures and Zeus’s smile. (Please tell me you hugged his neck East Texas style!)
    2. I love that you & Cara passed the baton here…y’all are brilliant.
    3. I love that (maybe) Wynne signed these shoes?! That’s good stuff.
    4. I love that you are helping to write this story for these precious children so far away from home, yet so close to the same Father we serve.
    5. I love you sister!!

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  3. Holly | 17th Mar 14

    I want to host a party – will you be the guest of honor? I can’t think of a better way to honor your work with Sole Hope and hear your fantastic story. Love you, sister!

  4. Danielle Weston | 17th Mar 14

    So great to see your journey Melissa. Thank you for introducing us to Zeus, and so much more.

  5. Jill Howard | 18th Mar 14

    Totally precious! What a beautiful person. What a blessing.

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