My Not So Very Facebook Summer

My stars and my garters…looking at Facebook, everyone is just having the most amazing life ever, aren’t they?

You know what?  I am, too.  I really am.  But not like you probably think.  Just friending someone, you can get a quick look at the first year of posts and get a read on the ol’ Happiness Meter:

  • smiling, be-smocked children:  check
  • beach vacation:  double (on the rocks) check
  • work out:  check (yourself before you wreck yourself)
  • volunteer opportunities:  (writin’ that) check
  • girls night out selfie: check (me out)
  • date night:  check (my mate)

Here’s the deal:  there’s always a story behind that selfie.


The story may be mostly true by what you see.

But sometimes?

It’s just not.

And like, what are we all supposed to do?  Put our mess out there for everybody to see because based on all the (truly) awesome pictures we sometimes forget that real life is happening and thirty seconds after you took your fun friggin’ family photo you had to light up one of your kids’  behinds because they were doing everything in their passive-aggressive power to ruin what everybody else was going to think about this moment?


It just so happens that lowering the bar is my special spiritual gift.   Today, my friend, you shall reap the virtually nonexistent benefits.

Please enjoy my photo album from the summer Facebook doesn’t want you to know about.


Exhibit 1:

The Facebook Version:

In this particular post, I was pushing the Family Summer O’ Fun we came up with.  We detailed a list of 20 exciting and easy things to do as a family while the kids were out of school.  I’m so awesome, right?!



For Real Life:

We were gone a lot this summer and so was Dad and when we were home I was tired and cranky from all that laundry and one of the very last things I had energy for was picking through the grass in our yard to find wasted water balloons (from #1 on our list).  We gave ourselves a D- because we still have about roughly half the list to go and 48 hours before summer is over.


Exhibit 2

The Facebook Version:

In this status update,  I posted about Scott and I heading out for our date night and how he was so thoughtful to have signed us up for an evening pottery class at the local college.  (Did I mention he brought me flowers?)



For Real Life:

We were EXHAUSTED from herding cats all day and there was a little crying spell from the smallest Blair before we left because she didn’t want us to go and they kept asking us for pillows/blankets/water/STUFF.  Both of us were more ready for a nap than a date (had had a few testy words on the way out) and we got in the car and I said, ‘Just be how you feel right now.’  We be too tired to smile, people.




Exhibit 3

The Facebook Version:

This is my post about a new season in our lives in which all of our kids are going to be in school.  Every word of this post was true…but…see below for an interesting tidbit.


For Real Life:

I am at that special point in summer that this is my face when someone leaves the front door open, when they knock on my shower door (WHILE I AM IN IT),  and when I am really looking forward to a nighttime bowl-of-cereal-snack and I am met with an empty box.



Bring on the fall, Facebook.


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  1. Keasha | 22nd Aug 14

    Thanks for the reality CHECK….I have been praying about this…it is so easy for those little foxes to sneak in when you look at FB and everyone is leading a rather fabulous, fit, stylish, well-traveled life. After I see someone posting pics from their 10th beach vacation of the summer, I start to down play my 2 day vacation to Hot Springs and resent that we can’t do more right now…when what I need to remember is that is was all the travel I could handle at the moment and that I had a wonderful time with the hizzle. After seeing someone completely cut, rockin’ a cute workout outfit after Bimini Yoga or Hot Yoga or upside down yoga…, I need to remember I haven’t been willing to put that work in yet, so to fight the urge to claw that person’s eyes out. And to remember, that no matter how big their circle of friends seems and how big the smile on their face, I have the BEST group of friends – exactly who God placed in my life because they are what I need – and those big smiles may be hiding more than we could possibly tell….little foxes that hibernate for a while in my brain then wake alive and alert and ready to pounce.

  2. Tasha Weatherby | 22nd Aug 14

    Love every word of this.
    Live/lived every word.
    Happy fall yall!!! 😉

  3. Nicole | 22nd Aug 14

    I love you. Let’s get together soon and BBQ that unicorn. I’ll reactivate my FB so you can tag me in the status update…then get back off before everyone starts posting their elf pics. #lowerthebar #checkyourselfbeforeyouwreckyourself

  4. Holly | 22nd Aug 14

    This would have been much better to hear in person! I’m dying laughing and know I would have had tears running down my face if you were sitting across from me! Think ugly cry face but add a smile! You are the most real person I have ever met and I adore you! Yes, we had the water balloon fight – it was a blast until we had to dig through the yard, our neighbor’s yard, and the rummage around the street picking up what seemed like 5,000 water balloons! What was I thinking?! Missing you like crazy!

  5. Erika (@rougeandwhimsy) | 22nd Aug 14

    i wrote a post like this– basically that hgtv is not real life (well duh erika) just because we are in month 6 of a basement remodel and it has not been pretty. (Three breaks in a sewer line, anyone?) So yeah– I may snap a photo, but it does not show the fact that my house has been ripped apart forEVER.

    love to you!

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  7. wynne | 10th Sep 14

    i love you, that is all.

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