October Book Giveaway

I admit it: I have a problem with books.  I buy multiple copies of ones I love and hand them out like a modern day Book Fairy.  As a way to thank you guys for holding hands with me on this journey (which I truly, truly appreciate), I want to give you some of my favorites.  On the second Tuesday of each month, I will randomly draw from my list of subscribers.  The RSS feed form is available on your computer or there is an email link at the bottom of the mobile site.  I promise not to bombard you with stuff that is not awesome and never more than twice a week.  Win the book on Tuesday and you will have it in time to enjoy for the weekend! Thank you for participating and thank you so much for your support.


The October Book Giveaway will be Fearless by Eric Blehm.  I have lost count of how many copies of this book I have ordered and once gave it to a complete stranger.  I still think about Adam and his family all the time…find a quiet place to cry finish it.   All my thumbs up on this one.  Enjoy!


When Navy SEAL Adam Brown woke up on March 17, 2010, he didn’t know he would die that night in the Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan–but he was ready.  In a letter to his children, not meant to be seen unless the worst happened, he wrote, “I’m not afraid of anything that might happen to me on this Earth because I know no matter what, nothing can take my spirit from me.”

Fearless is the story of a man of extremes, whose courage and determination were fueled by faith, family, and the love of a woman.  It’s about a man who waged a war against his own worst impulses, including drug addiction, and persevered to reach the top tier of the U.S. military.  In a deeply personal and absorbing chronicle, Fearless reveals a glimpse inside the SEAL Team SIX brotherhood and presents an indelible portrait of a highly trained warrior whose final act of bravery led to the ultimate sacrifice.

Adam Brown was a devoted man who was an unlikely hero but a true warrior, described by all who knew him as…fearless.

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  1. Julie Rials | 14th Oct 13

    Might need to pick up that book. Sounds awesome!

    • melissablair09@gmail.com | 17th Oct 13

      Go get it! Hurry! It really is fantastic.

  2. Jennifer Welch | 14th Oct 13

    Love a good book and a fellow obsessive reader!

    • melissablair09@gmail.com | 17th Oct 13

      Well this book is awesome and I am kind of addicted to books so please share good ones with your sister here! We need to hang out. You like to laugh. You like to read. Me too.

  3. melissablair09@gmail.com | 16th Oct 13

    Congratulations to Lisa Archer! Enjoy this book and thank you so much for subscribing!

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