Small Beginnings

Taking care of some business yesterday morning, I zipped off a quick message:
‘I was just wondering: are we still a go? Not worrying about the number and just moving forward?’
I clicked over to another page to finish an article not coming easily. Within minutes, the ding of a reply from my friend thankfully interrupted the writer’s block:
‘I am going to move forward. Had a friend talk to me last night and told me not to worry about the numbers. She reminded me about small beginnings….thank you for supporting my dream.’
Certain words will strike me as gifts on occasion and it felt a little like Christmas to unwrap these from my friend.
small beginnings
I gently closed my computer on my unwritten words and I began to dip my toes into the water of a few of these small beginnings I could think of.
How just one word begins a book.
How a tiny whisper in the heart becomes stars lighting up the sky of dreams.
Or how cells smaller than a speck of pepper grow into squirming, squealing pounds of a for-real live miracle.
Even the smallest sentence (I’m sorry) can tear down high walls of offense dividing the heart.
Just about every thing I can think of has a small beginning.
This includes beauty like dreams and babies and marriage…and also ugly like hate or infidelity or addiction.
A thing simply requires our faithful attendance to see it through, doesn’t it?
A little bit later on that same morning, I found myself standing in the yard, hands in my pockets and eyes closed. My sole purpose in the moment was taking simple pleasure in the sun cupping its warm hands around my whole face. I’m not exactly sure why, but the birds and trees tend to talk more when you shut your eyes and I was enjoying eavesdropping.
Visiting our old house one last time, my husband and I piddled in the back yard getting things ready for the new owners.
Hauling myself back to our task at hand, I surveyed the yard one last time. We had lived and loved in this yard and the memories rolled over me as waves. I could hear riots of splashy cannonballs and the echoes of our kids fighting or laughing and smell the smoke and sweet of melting smores rising from the firepit.
From the left corner of my eye, I caught a fluttering movement and it brought to mind a bullfighter waving a wild colored scarf for the bull’s attention.
The begonia.
And she was dressed for the occasion.
I enjoyed walking slowly towards it, taking pleasure in the full view.
Nature tells me of God. When I take in 100 carats of the diamond-green eyes of a dragonfly, I’m reminded of how very clever He is. Sunsets? His endless imagination. When I see a thing bloom, it feels like His gift just for me alone. If I put my hands in the dirt to help it grow a little? There’s extra heart invested because it feels like He and I partnered in this somehow.
Running fingertips gently over the skin-thin flowers, I laughed a little. I was surprised at the color.
I thought they would have been white.
When I brought this darn begonia home in the spring of last year, the buds were already almost-ripe and I watched everyday to catch it bloom.
Every week, I checked the buds…pinched off the dead ones, watered the thirsty ones.
Every week, she held tight, never giving me a glimpse of…anything, really.
I kept watering.
She kept not doing anything.
It would appear we were both stubborn as mules.
Then, as life tends, it happened and we moved to Arkansas.
Just like with babies and dreams, some weeks passed and my hope of seeing this thing through almost did too.
 But she showed up right on time.
I was reminded about small beginnings yesterday.


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  1. Rachel S | 15th Feb 16

    Zechariah 4:10
    Do not despise these small beginnings, for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin.

    • | 19th Feb 16

      I have thought of this every single day since you posted it. You, and your timely words, are a gift to my heart.

  2. | 19th Feb 16

    I have thought of this every single day since you posted it. You, and your timely words, are a gift to my heart.

  3. Melinda miles | 20th Feb 16

    Beautiful ,Melissia gave my worried soul alot of peace for a difficult situation I was dreading for Monday. Thanks for listening to your heart and the Lord…I was trying to see the Big ending that seemed impossible …just need to just look at the “small” beginning …love you girl

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