Some Reasons Why Maybe You Should Get a Dog


There really are just two types of people in this world:

There are  the dog people.

And there are the people that the dog people don’t understand.

For my whole adult life, I have been part of the mysterious second population that lives life in a fine and good way.

All of that changed in the course of 4 texts and a rash decision this last summer when we relented to the daily begging and surprised our kids with the thing they felt sure would induce voluntary chores.

Popping Tums left and right over my decision to leave whether or not we got a dog in my husband’s hands, I arrived at my certain conclusion shortly after the delivery of a very, very cute ball of fur.  She took a few uncertain steps, sniffed around on my favorite rug…and marked her territory.

I knew immediately we had made a mistake.


I have seen my kids behave many, many, many ways over the years of life with them and from that day Daisy began killing my rug until this one…it has not changed.

They have become the caretakers, the worriers, the lovers…the parents over this family pet. It has been fun to see them love her well, to stretch themselves to the responsibility, and to understand that taking care of something that depends on you is not always fun, sometimes gross, and usually worth it.

We all know the end of this story.  Everyone always says the dog the mama hates will become the mama’s best friend. It’s less like that and more like she imprinted on me like Jacob did with Bella and Edward’s daughter because…food.  And just because she rides to get the kids with me every afternoon in her fuzzy pink sweater with the skull on it (everyone knows that Yorkies are cold-natured)…does not mean I enjoy it.


I’m just saying…here are a few reasons why maybe you should think about getting a dog:


*Dogs will get you moving. They like to take walks, they invite you to play chase, they wrestle like children. You’re practically ready for swimsuit season.

*Dogs will take care of your OCD problem. If your idol is control and your altar is an immaculate house (who knew they made toys for dogs?)…your issues will be addressed here.  You’re going to be okay.  You may even learn to relax a little.

*Dogs make you take your breaks. Ignoring a puppy has consequences identical to things being chewed up.  It’s best to play for a bit and wear them out and then get back.  This is irritating if you are on a roll with your writing or Facebook updating. It’s perfect when you’re not.


*Dogs are good for your prayer life.  There are no two ways about it: my prayer life is richer.  I pray often about loving better, being patient, and about not killing things.

*Dogs are good for your family. We have been more intentional about park walking, outside-sitting-in-grass talking and just a lot of good things…together.  To me, this is the one that makes almost any furry thing worth the trouble.


*on a side note, the very day I started getting a just a little soft-hearted to write this post and thinking about what Daisy has meant to our family, she ran out of our neighborhood and down the busiest street on this side of town after some joggers. Dogs are smart and she recognized I was a new level of angry by the flames shooting out of my ears and just.kept.running. I finally caught her by the tail and, exactly like a soldier, marched her home.

In front of all of those joggers. 

In my robe. And furry boots. And ear flames. And that is all.   

So as an added bonus? They will also keep you humble.

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  1. Shelly Janac | 22nd Jan 15

    Oh my goodness…I seriously could have written this myself. I am so NOT a dog person who has fallen madly in love with a dog that found it’s way to our family in August. Over and over again I’m reminded why they say a dog is good therapy. That little booger loves me so much and is always so happy to see me. And I agree on the increased family time…my weekends use to be full of a lot of running around in and out of stores looking for things that really were not adding value and now we are spending more time staying at home and playing with Dutch!

    • | 23rd Jan 15

      When they brought this little pup over, my friend said, ‘In about a month, you will change your mind.’ It took just a little longer 😉 but she is such a good companion and I NEVER would have thought that before. I agree with you about the weekends…it’s the biggest bonus. Thank you for your words today. I love hearing from you!

  2. Tasha | 22nd Jan 15

    I am so with you. I am not a dog person and I really did not want another thing/person/etc to be “responsible” for. But, two years ago my Mom texted that she had found the perfect dog for Bennett. We finally gave in, and I am so glad that we did. She’s a Pom so she requires much attention, brushing, etc, but she has made our life so much richer and slower. And, I am her Mama and no one takes my place!

    • | 23rd Jan 15

      Tasha…you nailed it: richer and slower. This was supposed to be my busiest season, going to get so much done with all my kids in school, etc. It hasn’t been like that at ALL between training a new puppy and staying home to make sure all is well…and it has been SO GOOD for me to just not be so efficient. Trying to make this lesson stick 😉 I’m so glad to hear from you!!!

      • | 23rd Jan 15

        Also, it’s so funny…you guys got a dog before we did and when the boys went to camp, Bennett was so in love with Dita and Gavin said that is what he mostly talked about all week…and now I totally get it. Gavin calls Daisy his ‘baby girl.’ These boys with their dogs. Precious.

        • Tasha | 23rd Jan 15

          I am laughing because Bennett calls Dita his baby girl too! It sounds so funny coming from a dirty and sweaty 12 year old!

  3. Holly | 22nd Jan 15

    You’ve never been loved till you’ve been loved by a dog. Talk about the true meaning of love – wow! They only see the best in you and love without thinking twice. As we near the end of our sweet dog’s life, I’m reminded how blessed we have been to have had her for so long and to have been loved by her. I hope she feels the same way about us.

    • | 23rd Jan 15

      I know…I’ve been watching you guys love Kennedy so well…it’s one of the things that made me think, ‘Well….maybe….’ She loves those babies and they LOVE her. And especially the mama.

  4. Kristie Griggs | 22nd Jan 15

    LOL – Yes!!!! We’ve had our Lexi for three weeks now. It’s like having a toddler in the house again, but I have loved how we have all had to slow down a bit and be home more with her. My girls light up when they see her in car line with me. They are great about sharing her and playing more with each other. 🙂

    • | 23rd Jan 15

      I KNOW!!!! I’ve been seeing (um professionally wonderfully amazing) pictures of your new pup! And I thought, ‘I know exactly what she is going through right now….’ Toddler? Yes, please. Already though, so much better in every way. And I hear it gets easier. Alli was the one to give me my pep talk in the very beginning. My girls grab Daisy and then look at their friends like, ‘See? She’s mine.’ So sweet. Love hearing from you!!

  5. erika | 22nd Jan 15

    I am a dog person, granted, but I think they are such great little creatures that teach us about life. I wish I had the attitude of dependence and joy that my dog had each day. I mean, he eats the same kibble every day and goes on walks– and honestly that is enough for him to be incredibly happy ALL THE TIME. What if I was like that a little bit more?

    • | 23rd Jan 15

      I know you are…and I love that. And your Nesby is maybe the cutest dog I’ve ever seen. We’ve had this conversation before…being as happy as a dog and learning from them. Now…I see 🙂 Miss you so much. I would like to talk to your face this next week, please?

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