Stealing Summer

fontcandyWhen I walk outside and my shirt is immediately soaked, I know I live in Texas and that it’s hot.


When I rip my family a new one for breathing air in my kitchen while I’m slicing tomatoes for dinner…hanger.


There are signals that tell us specific things, aren’t there?
Lately, there is a cookie crumb trail of obvious signs I have missed for the past several weeks.
Sometimes I need things spelled out in bold signs with alphabet letters.


But once I’m on it?
I am on it, y’all.
There’s been a thief in my house.

Not a dark outfit-and-black-mask kind…that kind is too obvious.
The best thieves are the ones you never see coming.
You don’t even know they’ve been in your house.
But yesterday…I’ve come to a realization:
All hell is trying to steal my summer with my family.
I see it in my irritation after spending any time on social media for the last several weeks.
I feel it in my soul at the end of the day when I’ve held my phone in my hands more than my kids.
I hear it in the empty hollows of my heart as I soak in most everything demanding my attention but the One who satisfies my thirst.
I’m stealing summer joy back.

I’m taking summer peace.

I have 32 days left in the only summer my kids will be this little.
For that, I don’t need to beg or borrow…
I just need to take what’s mine to begin with.
I will (definition) gain or seize more than [my] share of:
blowing bubbles, catching fireflies, eating popsicles for breakfast, spending time with friends, having coffee, holding hands, making messes, taking walks, having talks, reading books, building forts, dating my man, dating my kids, splashing in creeks, hiking trails, and general hot-weather-adventure having…all while being still.
Hey, Summer?
You’re mine.


These crazy people are the reason why this battle is worth it.


*I’ll be taking a break from social media until my babies head to school. Want to keep in touch or have coffee in 100+ degree Texas weather?
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Happiest Summer, Friends.

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  1. Joy | 22nd Jul 15

    I gave up social media for lent this year. That’s the first time I’ve done anything like that. I thought it would be so hard, but by the 3rd day, I really didn’t miss it. I actually found that I was a happier, less moody person. I think I’m going to join you for the next 32 days. Who knows…..maybe longer! Thanks for the motivation!

  2. Holly | 22nd Jul 15

    You are my inspiration (and I feel like you’ve had an inside look into our home!). I feel the exact.same.way! Thank you for sharing your heart! Love you!

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