Summer Family Bucket List

Every summer, the kids and I make a bucket list.  Every summer two things happen: 1) we move or I have knee surgeries and never get to complete all the stuff on the list 2) Dad is at work and missing all the fun.  I feel fairly confident that neither of the scenarios in number 1 are happening (and if they do, I will publicly eat this list).  This year we are taking care of Dad.  The Blair children and I have created a simple, inexpensive and fun list of things to do this summer as a whole family.  (See what I did there?  They think it’s a challenge and I am storing up memories.  #winning)

Single mamas and daddies?  This is for you.  You is the family and you work harder than anyone.  With this stuff laid out for you, it will be easier than ever to just get to play in spite of all you do (this will help them remember to acknowledge the superhero you really are).

While it looks good on paper and like we’ll be having the hap-hap-happiest summer ever…I will never be surprised if my tween is having an off day and the baby hasn’t had a nap and the last thing thing any of us want to do is have a stupid watermelon eating contest.

But I promise to take funny pics of everyone super mad and post them for you.            #summerfamilybucketlist

Summer Family Bucket List

(warning: this may cause laughter and make memories)

1. Have a water balloon fight.

2. Eat ice cream for dinner.

3. Invite a family over for dinner that you haven’t before

4. Serve someone else together

5. Weekly Family Movie Night

6. Try five new flavors of snow cones

7. Perform a random act of kindness together

8. Visit a museum

9. Have a picnic

10. Fly a kite

11. Go for a night swim

12. Weekly scripture memorization (The Jesus Project by Ann Voskamp has printables and so does my friend Carey Bailey…check out her fun Summer of Joy tips!)

13. Watermelon eating contest

14. Have a day at the lake

15. Watch a sunset together

16. Have the neighbors over for dinner/cookout

17. Go for a hike

18. Family bike ride

19. Take a family selfie every week

20. Have at least one day in June, July and August (or more if you can stand it) without TV, social media, and no texting




Happy Summer, Friends!


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  1. Holly | 9th Jun 14

    You know how much this warms my heart! Fabulous ideas! Can’t wait to see all the weekly family selfies – don’t disappoint me! I’m expecting greatness! 🙂

    • | 14th Jun 14

      Holly, yes…you WOULD love this, fun mama. Let’s knock a few off when I SEE YOU NEXT WEEK!!!!

  2. SB | 9th Jun 14

    I’m ready for the green apple snow cone! Family Selfies are gonna hurt me though.

    • | 14th Jun 14

      ooohhhh….green apple. Let’s go get one today. I’ve seen your selfies and they’re awesome. I love you so much.

  3. Britta | 9th Jun 14

    I love your bucket list! The best part? It is do-able. And actually following through on plans like this is what makes me feel that “good mom” feeling…the one that skids away when I don’t follow through on the really lofty goals. Thanks for sharing the #SummerofJoy too! I am writing it with Carey. 🙂 I found you through one of her Pins and am signing up for your posts now! Love your website. – very pretty and soothing! Happy Summer!

    • | 14th Jun 14

      Britta, I know all about that ‘good mom’ feeling…and it takes easy things to get’er done because…you know, life 🙂 Thank you for all of your good info and Summer of Joy…I am all in 100% for investing in our families and this future generation so I personally think it is brilliant. I look forward to more conversation with you. (also, thank you so much (so much) for checking out my website…it’s uncomplicated because I like to write and not code wordpress–ha!)

  4. Britta Lafont | 14th Jun 14

    Melissa! I printed the list and the kids and I are going to use it to make our own. I will try to share some on Instagram and tag you or share with you on FB. I love having pics of our special memories…unfortunately not taking pictures is also on my “bad mom” list!). 😛 But since God’s mercies are new every morning, He can grow me in that dept. too!

  5. Brenda | 26th Jun 14

    This is such a great idea! We don’t have a formal written list this summer, but I always have things I hope to do each summer. On the list this summer: Climb a 14,000′ Colorado Mountain with my oldest daughter, Spend as many days as possible in the mountains on adventures, Have a neighbor slip-n-slide race extravaganza, complete one page per day in the school summer bridge activity book, and spend time and meals with our neighbors.

    Thanks for this post! Love it and you!

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