The World Needs Another Blog

Like a woman scorned and done with dating, for like, EVER,  was I done with blogging.  Or so I thought…

At a conference this past July, I was becoming concerned because I kept hearing over and over ‘God wants you to write.’  I mean, it was a writer’s conference but still…Writing was my dirty secret that I kept hidden.  Half-written books, notebooks of ideas, magazine articles, journals and stories were nobody’s business but mine.  The conference kind of wrecked my comfort level when I realized it was a bigger pain to not do it rather than to just do it, already (kind of like stuffing clothes under your bed to make your room clean as a kid and then watching your mother get loco-crazy as she flings the clothes out one-by-one in an increasingly angry manner and then getting a spanking when you should’ve just cleaned it up right in the first place).

This is not my first blog.  Or 43rd.  It may be my 61st.  Blogging is fun as long as you are having fun.  When you aren’t…you repress passwords and forget how to log in and just go scrub grout or something that gives you a visible reward.  I remembered the things I struggled with before…’Who am I to encourage anyone?’

‘I know you,’ whispered Shame in my ear, like a sister with her arm across my shoulders.  ‘I see you,’ hissed Guilt through gritted teeth.  ‘What can you possibly say to people when I know that sin you struggle with?  Good girls don’t do what you did last week.  And please don’t even talk about trying to be a good mama when you yelled at your kids getting ready for church just this morning. You can’t talk about what you aren’t.  You will be a hypocrite.’

Ah, the world’s favorite word hurled like a stone.

A hypocrite is someone who pretends to have morals, virtues or religious principles.  I am not pretending.  I actually do have these things but as firmly rooted as they are…some days my sheer humanity is… overwhelming.  But the older I get I know this is where the good stuff is too.  The people I am attracted to and hold hands with…are real ones.  Real is messy and wonderful all at the same time.  I am good at being real messy.  And sometimes I can even be real wonderful, too.

God has called me out this way…to write.  Not answering God’s call bothers me a whole lot more at this point than the trouble it takes to just do it.  Realizing this, I shrug off Shame and Guilt and instead walk, often stumbling, clothed with dignity and firmly wrapped in Grace’s grip which I can never wiggle out of no matter how hard I may try.

Everyone has a thing they are designed for, something that beckons to your unique abilities and background…

Is there something you are being called to do that you are ignoring or maybe you’re just dabbling in it (like me)?  I find it gives you courage and clarity just to name The Thing.  I’d love to hear your story.  The world is missing what you can bring to the table.

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  1. Julie Minton | 29th Sep 13

    I love your writing, your knowledge, your commitment, and more importantly your heart!

  2. Kristi Crowson | 29th Sep 13

    Thank you for answering God’s call and for encouraging others (me) to do the same.

  3. Danielle Duhon | 29th Sep 13

    Your honesty, transparency and wit are the things I have loved most about you. Real is messy. But messy can be really fun when shared with friends. Thanks for sharing your gift with us again. We will be blessed 🙂

  4. Nicole Ayers | 29th Sep 13

    This is great…I’m gonna go bake cupcakes now.

  5. Holly Bates | 29th Sep 13

    Gurl!!!! Ok…here it is..,I am called to see and say! Maybe I’ve also only dabbled…I’m challenged by your God words! Love you!

  6. sunshine :) | 29th Sep 13


  7. Ali | 29th Sep 13

    New moms like me need to learn from your mistakes and your victories! Preach on sister! I love my BFF!

  8. Kimberly Miller | 29th Sep 13

    Wow Melissa God has challenged me thru you. I love this blog! It speakd to my heart! I can’t wait tosee wwhat’s to come! I’m sharing!!!

  9. Angie | 29th Sep 13

    Beautiful Melissa! You bless me sweet one! LIFE is messy and I am excited to follow you as God guides you through all messiness! You are an encourager to all ages. Thank you for not only hearing God but being obedient in what He is asking of you! Waiting patiently for what is to come next! I love you, girl! Angie

  10. BB | 29th Sep 13

    You’re an encourager to me everyday. I’m excited about where this new leap will take you and us! Keep pressing toward the prize.

  11. Gabrielle@MamaGab | 30th Sep 13

    How fun, Melissa!! I can’t wait to read what you write! It’s such a blessing to be able to do something you love, like writing, and be used by God to encourage and minister to others. I have loved blogging. Welcome back to the blogging world!

  12. Casey squyres | 30th Sep 13

    Instant fanclub

  13. Rosario Kowalski | 30th Sep 13

    Blessings. You are a wonderful author! I am unable to follow blogs due to time constraints,but I will make a point to follow yours. (Will now have to read my husband’s blog if I read yours or I will be in trouble….)!

  14. clifford davis | 30th Sep 13

    Hey cheerleader looking forward to what you have to say. Be blessed.

  15. Marianne | 30th Sep 13

    It is gonna be grand! You are hooked int my reader!

  16. Holly Norton | 30th Sep 13

    Love it!! I feel very blessed that we get to be apart of one another’s messy Life. You are such an inspiration to me. God has called you to do amazing things. Go Girl!!!!

  17. Misti | 30th Sep 13


  18. Rachel | 30th Sep 13

    Thank you for being obedient to share this gift and calling. It will point to Him, which means we are all better for having the chance to read your words. Love you tremendously and am thankful for your heart!

  19. Eliza Tuttlebee | 30th Sep 13

    This is actually Andy but I’m signing my wee wife up for this – she’ll enjoy keeping tabs. She’s a closet writer herself.

  20. Jill | 30th Sep 13

    I think God wants me to be more committed to writing. It’s hard to juggle life and writing, but I’m trying! Love the blog! Keep it up!

  21. Sara Aguirre | 30th Sep 13

    What an incredible inspiration you are. I see you are letting your light become a raging fire. I also see that you have an amazing ability to write and not sharing it with the world would be the ultimate sin. Dad is smiling. You did what he dreamed of. I can feel his eyes welling with tears of joy and it warms my heart. God blessed you with an incredible gift as well as the uplifting messages you will write in the future.Touching hearts one by one. God knows. Only listen to his whispers. I love this blog and will go tell it on the mountain. Thank you for helping me redeem my salvation by your example. Looking forward to many more. Sister hugs!

  22. Stephanie Ingram | 18th Oct 13

    I am so excited that you have taken this online. You were born for this and I can’t wait to follow your journey!

    • | 19th Oct 13

      I miss you SO MUCH! Especially in the fall when we should be drinking hot stuff and sitting barefooted on your couch. Thank you for your encouragement, sweet friend. ‘You were born for this’? Wow. Keeping these words. Will you please come see me?

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