You’re Braver Than You Think


brave: possessing the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc. without fear.

Watching her through the open window of the passenger seat of my car, she turned one last time right before her little self got swallowed up by the too-big school doors of the elementary.
On this particular morning, her heart was on empty and her eyes were full and her quivering chin was caught in the middle.
When those eyes, glittery with unshed tears, caught and held mine, you could’ve heard the thunderclap coming from the very center of my mama heart as all of the pain she was holding back found me instantly and seared the air between us.
Oh my heart at all the things I cannot fix.

This tough morning was not my doing, as is usually the case. Brought on by everything and nothing, my girl was fighting some internal war she was losing by more than a country mile. What problems could a six year old possibly have?
Only the ones she thinks she does…and sometimes not finding your favorite worn boots that don’t give you blisters on top of not being able to find your blue folder and then forgetting your snack is just enough to make you cry.
Believe me.
Some of the days are just hard.
As my girl disappeared into the building with her ‘toycoyce’ and pink backpack, I whispered tenderly from a new, tiny crack in my heart:
‘Make her brave.’
And I kept whispering all the way back home:
Make her brave. Make her so brave, Lord. Help her to know how wonderful she is. Help her to feel loved. Give her the confidence to be just exactly who she is. Let her feel You so close today that her cheek is warm from Your breath. You don’t have to take away all of her problems…just help her to know You are holding them for her.
And then, because I am forever needy, I said:
Make me brave.
Make me so brave, Lord.
All morning through all the routine, those words just kept rising like bubbles in a coke. They tickled my nose the same way, too.
A little later and unexpectedly while I was preoccupied with another thing…I heard His whisper on my heart:
You’re braver than you think you are.
It was felt so tenderly, like the sweet tucking of hair behind my ear, it made me smile right where I was.
And you know what?
I felt like it was true.
Sometimes I know things I forget I need to be reminded of. Just hearing them again reminds me, ‘Yes. Yes, this is the truth.’
So I sent that thought to my girl immediately. If will alone could produce a whisper deep inside an ear, I know she heard it.

Hey, you?

You’re braver than you think are.

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  1. Kristi Crowson | 7th Apr 15

    As always perfect timing… I am about to swallow a whole lot of “change” and need to embrace it and be brave. Thank you, my Melissa. Love you!

    • | 9th Apr 15

      Um. I love hearing from you (you’re the whole reason why I started blogging anyway, remember?) But I want to know about the change in your life, friend. I miss you SORELY. All the time. I mean it and say it all the time. I will be praying for you to know that you are as brave as you really are. Coming to CS early this summer. I want to see your face.

  2. Brenda | 7th Apr 15

    Oh friend! I was echoing these same sentiments over my girl as she walked through those big school doors with her too-big backpack. Some days we just feel their physical smallness in this great big world, don’t we?! I was repenting from my own harsh words spoken over her and asking God to strengthen and pour joy into her very bones.

    I love what you wrote, “So I sent that thought to my girl immediately. If will alone could produce a whisper deep inside an ear, I know she heard it.”

    You articulated exactly what I was thinking yesterday.

    You stir and breathe bravery into lives around you. Do you know that about you? You do. From the very first moment I met you, all you did was speak courage into my soul over the things that God has planted inside of me.
    Love this and you so!

    • | 13th Apr 15

      I’m always in awe (and sometimes confused) that you see such things in me. I love and am learning from you in proclaiming and speaking so boldly over those we love and believe in. So thankful for walking with you You are such a gift–I often think it and often don’t tell you as often as I do. You are. I love you. Thank you for being a big wad of clay.

  3. Susan | 7th Apr 15

    This brought both a tear to my eye and a smile to my face. Reminds me of my favorite verse: Joshua 1:9 — “Have I not commanded you? Be strong & courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”
    Thank you, sweet girl! Love you!

    • | 13th Apr 15

      I JUST looked at that passage a few weeks ago and you know what struck me most? He says four times (FOUR!) ‘Be strong and courageous.’ and then ‘Be strong and VERY courageous.’
      Because He knows we forget, right?!
      Thank you for your encouragement, your gift of words to me, and your very bright light. I am so very thankful for you. I love you!

  4. Tasha | 7th Apr 15

    Oh my, you always have the right thing to say at the right time. Your writing gift is so amazing. I can actually feel these beautiful words that come out of your heart. Love you.

    • | 13th Apr 15

      That I am ever right on time could only be God! Seriously. Thank you so much for that, sweet friend. Your words are a gift to me today. I love you.

  5. erika | 7th Apr 15

    I saw your blog post pop up in my email and the even just the title hit me in the gut. I’m feeling less than brave with some things in my life, and this reminder was just what I needed — God-ordained words from you 1000 miles away. Amazing.

    • | 13th Apr 15

      My beautiful friend! When I see your name come up…I stop and look for you. I long to have these conversations on a long walk in Seattle with Nesby or at some cozy table in your house. I want to hear about things you are doing…I am in awe that you would ever not be brave (totally get it…but…still you are just a girl that rocks cool stuff and your hair is a spiritual gift). I am thankful that my words would be of use. And that you take the time to tell your friend?
      So thankful.
      I. Miss. You.

  6. BB | 7th Apr 15

    All of my girls are very brave. I love each of you very much.

    • | 9th Apr 15

      We can be brave when we have such a man that backs us up #kissyfaceemoticon

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